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Trophy Hunting Tours

Trophy hunting season starts in late November and lasts till the end of March. The following big game Trophy Hunting is available in Northern Pakistan of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a very interesting and colorful Asian country. Most of the territory of the country is in the highlands and mountainous areas. In Pakistan, we have 5 over 8000m out of the 14 highest peaks in the world. Trophy hunting in Pakistan is well known all over the world for interesting prey.

Himalayan Ibex, Markhor, Sindh Ibex, Punjabi Urial nowhere else in the world you have the opportunity to hunt on these beasts. Trip to Pakistan always impresses even experienced hunters. Lots of people call Pakistan a trophy hunting paradise. Trophy Hunting in Pakistan is a perfect choice if you are looking for a chance to hunt on different kinds of goats, Rams, Urials. Prices for the trophy hunting trip to Pakistan can vary everything depends on accommodation and species that you choose. But still, trophy hunting in Pakistan is affordable for most hunters. Moreover, you can be sure that a trip to Pakistan will impress you not only with trophy hunting but nature, traditions, and culture. Be ready for extreme adrenaline and victory we are sure that you will feel it during the travel to Pakistan. Get new experience check your skills. Are you ready to chase prey in the mountains of Northern Areas Pakistan?

The recording horn from Pakistan measured 140cm and came from Gilgit Baltistan. It had a basal girth of 26.5cm and a gap of 63.5cm between tips and certainly, in Gilgit Baltistan ahead with horns over this length would be considered an exceptionally good trophy.

Confined to relatively arid mountain ranges of the Karakoram and Himalayas living well above the tree line only in the higher more precipitous regions. They occur from about 3500m to over 5000m in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, though they sometimes migrate from one mountain range to another in winter and in so doing have been seen crossing valleys below 2000m

They are fairly widespread through the higher mountain ranges in Gilgit Baltistan in the Karakoram Range, the Haramosh Range, and the probably the highest population of Ibex now survives in Northern Areas of Pakistan in Hunza Valley, especially in the watershed of Khunjerab and to the east of Khunjerab. In Gilgit Baltistan, they are still fairly plentiful in Ishkoman, Yasin, and Hunza Valley. Further west they occur in the Hindukush mountain range and throughout Northern Chitral down to about 32 kilometers north of Chitral and in the higher mountain ranges of Chilas and on the slopes of Malika Parbat Mountain.

Himalayan Ibex has a wider distribution and is plentiful and its future survival is not so threatened in the Northern Areas of Pakistan largely due to the inaccessibility of its habitat provided by the very extensive concentration of very high mountain ranges in the extreme northwestern region. Baltistan and Hunza valley is undoubtedly the strongholds of the Himalayan Ibex in the region today. In early spring the Ibex are half-starved and eagerly seek new sprouting grass when it available at lower milder elevations. This is the only time when they descend as low as 2500m and are thus much easier to hunt.

The trophy hunting trip in this inaccessible area needs careful planning. Permits from local and federal authorities specially import and re-export licenses for the firearms as well as permits to carry and use these inside the country are required. The process often takes several weeks to process and must be obtained before the arrival of the hunting party in the country.

Hunting Tours – What You Need to Know

Why Travel Abroad to Hunt?

A Trophy hunting tour is often a journey with many ups and downs before it hopefully draws to a close when you shoot the game animal you wanted.  Therefore every single trophy hunting tour is a unique experience you will remember for a lifetime. Many hunters feel that trophy hunting abroad can be a very costly affair. Of course, in some cases, this may be true but if you come to do the trophy hunting in Pakistan it is cheaper than in other countries. If you choose to hunt in more exotic destinations in Pakistan then the experience is also much intense.

What Makes a Good Hunting Tour?

A good hunting tour is one you can think back on with a smile. Regardless on a hunt takes place in Pakistan there is just about never any guarantee for a successful outcome to your hunt. In some places, the chances are of course higher than at others but in the end, the skills of the individual hunter and some level of luck are both needed to achieve success. This is part of hunting’s is one of the main reasons we do it and why we can celebrate when we achieved success. To really enjoy a good hunting tour you first need to manage your expectations to reasonable levels before departure so that you don’t arrive at your destination expecting far too much. Otherwise, your tour will nearly always be a disappointment, whether your hunt is successful or not.

To Hunt Alone or in Company:

Trophy hunting alone or with a friend or member of your family both have their own pros and cons. Trophy hunting tours are always a big experience and it is good to share such big experiences with others. The social aspect of a hunting tour is a vital part of the experience and such hunters should of course never hunt alone. If you do choose to hunt alone you can enjoy the clear advantage of having your guide undivided attention, his sole task is to ensure you enjoy a successful hunt. If you hunt with another hunter you share the same guide and thus his attention and effort.

What Should I remember on a Hunting Tour:

Today many insurance policies also include travel insurance but will this insurance cover an expensive outing rifle. Or lost hunting days. Investigate precisely what your insurance will cover and if you are not satisfied your travel agency can help to tailor a travel insurance policy that will cover precisely the needs of the hunting tour you will take part in.

Why use the Travel Agency?

A good hunting tour is always dependent on that all the paperwork and planning is in good order and that the hunter and outfitter have discussed what can be realistically be expected from the tour. A hunting travel agency whose many years of experience can provide the hunters unique requirements.

  • Karakoram Blue Sheep / Himalayan Ibex

The Himalayan Ibex in the Himalayan and Karakoram Mountain range. Northern Areas of Pakistan can be reached by flight to Gilgit and Skardu as well as Karakoram Highway which goes to Southern China. The best time for trophy hunting is from the month of November to March is suitable for lbex as the snow brings them to lower areas. The hunting areas are 9.000’ – 12.000’ altitude and an average of this species is 36”- 40” horn length. There are several good community-managed areas where good trophies can be hunted in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

  • Astore Markhor

The habitat of these animals is in the Gilgit, Skardu, and Astor regions of Northern Pakistan in the valleys that branch off from the River Indus. In comparison with the Kashmiri counterpart, their horn curves are wider. Like the Kashmiri counterpart, the Astor Markhor is in the flare-horned Markhor category. It is possible to hunt the Himalayan Ibex and the Markhor in combination.

  • Kashmiri Markhor

Kashmiri Markhor is a species whose horns are reminiscent of those of the African Kudu and the animals are particularly magnificent with their long hair especially a long bib and flare horns. Kashmiri Markhor is distributed along the Chitral Valley in the northwestern mountains of the Hindukush. In this region, they can be hunted within the scope of three separate local conservation programs. Trophies average size is between 38″ and 42″ and fine ones of up to 45″ can be found. The area is 6000´-7500´ and covered with oak forests which are green all year round.