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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Pakistan

Hunza Adventure Tours offering some of the best rock climbing adventures in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Hunza Adventure Tours is well aware of the thrill of rock climbing in Karakoram Mountain in Gilgit Baltistan. We have a wide range of rock climbing packages and all of the packages are so flexible that you can easily choose and customize the package of your choice. Grab your friends and experience the most thrilling experience of rock climbing adventure in Pakistan.

In the Karakoram mountain range of Pakistan actually has giant peaks for rock climbing. Hunza Adventure Tours make sure to present you with the best fearless thrilling trip. There are many exciting infamous peaks are situated in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Some of these expeditions include Trango Tower, Nameless Tower, Uli Biaho, Ogri, Latok, Amin Brakk Nangma Valley, Hainablak, Shipton Spire, and more. You will get the opportunity to explorer their new adventures with us.

Northern Areas of Pakistan are called the heaven of mountains that have the highest range mountain that goes beyond the reach of 8000 peaks in Pakistan. Mountaineers are allowed to climb the peak that ranges 6500m without any permit. Hunza Adventure Tours makes sure to give you the most amazing and exciting mountaineering experience in the safest zone of Northern Areas of Pakistan. Hunza Adventure Tours will give you a rip-roaring mountaineering experience that will be worth remembering.

You can avail the of excellent mountaineering opportunities in the Northern areas of Pakistan that range from Himalaya, Karakoram, and Hindukush. Hunza Adventure Tours give you an opportunity to avail yourself of the experience of the three mountain ranges with two to three weeks packages.

The Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan has many extensive granite peaks the amazing peak Trango and Nameless Tower valley with a number of six thousand meters peaks that attracted many rock climbers through successful speed.

Rock climbing in the Karakoram mountain range can be world-class or terrible depending on where you go and which peak is your objective to climb. In the Western end of the Baltoro Muztagh north of the Baltoro glacier the Trango Towers are the Karakoram’s most famous rock.  

There are other colossal spires such as the Cathedral Towers, Uli Biaho Tower,  Ogri Latok peaks, and Shipton Spire. The Nangma Valley in Baltistan is home to Amin Brakk the great Tower.  Charakusa glacier is also excellent with the K-7 peak being the most famous. K-7 Peak is situated in inaccessible the Karakorum Range Baltistan. The valleys have received a lot of climbers or so and there are already various ‘classic’ lines.  

The Continental Collision of the three mighty mountain ranges of the world the Himalayas, the Karakorams, and the Hindukush in the North of Pakistan has given birth to the thickest cluster of the Highest Peaks and Largest Glaciers on Earth.

Five of the world’s 14 highest peaks above 8000 meters are in Pakistan. Hundred and one peaks are above 7000 meters whereas peaks from 6500 to 4000 meters are countless. All peaks up to 6500m can be climbed without paying any permit fees. Fifty of the world’s 100 highest peaks are in Pakistan. K-2 8611m is the second-highest in the World.

In Baltistan and Hunza valley there are more than 100 peaks above 18,000 ft. Most of the peaks in Pakistan their base camps are higher than the Summits of all the peaks in Europe. Pakistan’s glaciated region covers 12,000 Sq/Kms. The six longest valley glaciers of the world is also in Pakistan and their total length exceeds 350 km. Biafo Hispar Snow Lake glacial corridor of 116 Km is the longest on Earth. No mention of over 300 small glaciers and their tributaries ranging from 1 to 50 Km.

Pakistan is the only country in the world that offers the highest number of big Rock Walls, Rock Towers, Spires, and Pinnacles of excellent quality. The Trango Towers vertical faces are the world’s tallest cliffs and there are many other big walls like Uli Biaho, Shipton Spire, Cat Ears Spires, Susbun Spires, Bakhordas, Cathedral.