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Film and Documentary Tours

Pakistan is the best location for Filming and documentary, those who are looking for breathtaking natural beauty, incredible landscapes, culture, heritage, tradition, religions, history, habitat of endangered people, bio-diversity, wildlife, outdoor activities, and many more. Pakistan, also known as Switzerland of Asia is famous for trekking, mountaineering, and other adventure destination. Pakistan is not only famous with its snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear lakes, gushing rivers, variety of flora and fauna, myriad stupas but also its equally exotic with its people with diversity in language, religion, culture, and tradition.

Filming in Pakistan is becoming a center of attraction for filming destinations throughout the world. Those amazing landscapes, beautiful flora and fauna, and mystical cultural heritage of Pakistan have been attracting a good number of tourists as well as film crews from around the world. Many film crews come to Pakistan every year for making documentaries, tv-series and feature films. For those filmmakers and the production companies that are looking a location that offers varieties of stories that includes culture, ethnicity, different face and races of people, adventure and landscapes have chosen Pakistan as their best filming location. The reason for the increase in the filming or documentaries is breathtakingly geography and socio-cultural settings.

A Full film Production Service in Pakistan:

Hunza Adventure Tours is able to fixed projects from simple location scouting to complete film production facilities and services including scouting, casting, location permits, crew and equipment, hotel booking, travel, and a lot more. Based on your information and requests Hunza Adventure Tours we will budget your project with the goal of accomplishing the best possible shoot within the estimated budget.

Why filming with Hunza Adventure Tours:

Hunza Adventure Tours is an innovator and leading agency for handling filming in Pakistan. Hunza Adventure Tours not just as an agent but pioneering new approaches while filming which ensure your filming project will be qualitatively superior. Pakistan is such a vast biodiversity country, we assist our crew to get related story and location in a very comfortable way. Hunza Adventure Tours’ vast knowledge and experience permit us to handle the filming crew in a professional way for vast research of the story, finding appropriate characters for the film and documentary, assist hiring the filming crew and equipment, scouting location. We are a group of professionals who have work on many international filming projects in Pakistan. We are promoting this idea to expose Pakistan as a filming destination for features film, commercials films, and documentaries. Hunza Adventure Tours provides all logistical support and everything that is required for a film crew.

Hunza Adventure Tours has been collaborating with an increasing number of film crews from all over the world. Our experienced and highly-skilled staff provides technical support and facilitates film crews to unveil Pakistan’s hidden stories, unheard realities, and incredible diversity. Hunza Adventure Tours’ objective is to ensure that the entire shooting runs smoothly and to guarantee a first-class final product. Hunza Adventure Tours also acts as a local coordinator taking care of shooting permits from the government, customs clearance for filming equipment and material, and help you complete your product professionally and within budget.

Based on our long experience we have built contact with many Pakistan authorities. Depending on the requirements of the project we can help you gain government permits. We can get help from the local tourist boards and help to select the best locations for your project.

Hunza Adventure Tours has been developing the structure you need to select the best location for your production needs. The choice of destination will be based on locations, casting, and cost and we are here to help you with our expertise.

Our Services:

Hunza Adventure Tours provides first-class service and management is our main motto. Hunza Adventure Tours can fix all film projects, from simple location scouting, to complete film production facilities and services, including scouting, casting, location permits, crew and equipment, hotel booking, travel, and a lot more. Our expert team attempt to find the appropriate solution in each difficulty and fully devoted to provide quality as well first-class service to achieve your goal.

  • Location Scouting:

Our expert team will guide you to scout the location or on behalf sent you the location picture to match your story which is available in Pakistan. We have thousands of photographs in our gallery so we can give you the different options with detailed information. We have a diversified range of locations and themes are available for filming including valley, landscape, Stupa, National Parks, Monuments, Forts and Palaces, Cultural events or festivals and Weddings, etc. If required the recent story we instantly go to the location to collect the story without any service charge to make the shoot happen before the crew decides to come for the shooting.

  • Customs Clearance:

To clearance, the customs of the filming equipment from out of Pakistan one needs filming permits along with the authority letter from the Film development board. Hunza Adventure Tours will prepare all documents before you arrive at Islamabad airport or any border of Pakistan. Our team members will be there at Islamabad International airport or border to clear filming equipment.

  • Filming Equipment:

The filming or documentary companies most of them bring their necessary equipment themselves like professional cameras and sound recording system. If you want to be free from air cargo you can hire equipment in Pakistan. Our previous experience tells us that Pakistan is also becoming a good spot for filming equipment. However, we can send you the list of equipment and accouterments available in Pakistan.

  • Transportation:

Transportation while on tour is provided using cars, jeeps, Land cruisers, minibusses, and coaches depending upon the group size and location of the film shooting. Driving through the winding mountain roads can be slow. Generally, the driving speed limit in Pakistan is 50 to 60 km/hour. If the location is in the remote areas we sent our staff and camping equipment before your arrival and we use to fight or helicopter charter as the condition.

  • Accommodation:

We will provide deluxe rooms at five-star hotels or similar category hotels in Islamabad including breakfast on a twin sharing basis. Hotels have twin or double beds available and you will need to inform us if you need a double or twin-bed room in advance. During the shooting, accommodation is depending upon the location. In the cities, we will provide the best hotel in the city but in remote areas or countryside, we will organize fully camping where we will provide twin sharing or single basis high-quality tent.

  • Estimated Budget:

Your budget for filming in Pakistan is depending on your location and the details of the shooting. Once you provide the location and shooting details we can calculate the cost with guidelines and suggestions. Pakistan is one of the cheaper destinations for filming every year number of film companies around the world come to Pakistan for their shooting. There are many companies that organize filming inexpensive budget but we organize the same project on a reasonable budget with quality services. We are giving the best affordable cost in terms of promoting more film production in Pakistan.