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Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing in North Area, Pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan is considered as the Northern Areas of Pakistan where we have the highest peaks of the world. It has 5 peaks over 8,000 meters which is considered the world’s second-highest peak K-2 (8611m) and 29 peaks of almost 7,500 meters and moreover 121 peaks of almost over 7,000 meters. There are hundreds of peaks still left unclimbed and It has great opportunities and challenges for mountaineers from all over the world to climb the mountains to achieve world records. As enthusiastic Alpine climbers, going to the higher mountain ranges like the Himalayas or the Karakoram and the Hindu Kush is a childhood dream.

A lot of climbers try to go to the mesmerizing place to get amazing scenery photographs in Himalaya Alpine Style, Vertical Pleasures and Elusive Summits, You will not get your eyes away from the enchanted and hypnosis view of amazing mountains.. There is plenty of information to be had on the popular Baltoro Glacier area, and this is where the majority of climbers head to. More attractive and more advantageous with ascending an unclimbed peak, the area to the north and west, between the eastern reaches of the Hindu Kush and Karakoram although this region doesn’t have the more famous peaks, it is remote, wild, and beautiful and there are many mountains in the 7,500m- 6,500m range still to have an ascent. 

There is a certain time frame which is needed to climb a peak almost six weeks for a peak under 7000m and up to ten weeks for peaks of almost 7500-8500m range. All the staff is helping to close your amazing journey in a beautiful way. Base-camp will be anywhere between 4000-5000m in Pakistan.