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Custom Tours

Tailor-Made Holidays

We facilitate you with the service to customize your holiday with us. Now tailoring your holiday is not that much tough. Consider the options that you love and the way you want to choose in your travel.

Holidays Ideas

We have enlisted different holiday ideas for your ease. Now simply go to our website and choose the option and package that you want to design for a perfect holiday. Select the good option from many and make us aware of your choice. We will make it possible for you.

We select the option that suits you. Nothing will be going against your will. Just let us know us your requirement and budgets, and then watch us unfurling the fun you want. Either you are a mountain lover or want to experience aqua life. We have all to entertain you.

Solo Travel Or Group Travel

Either you want to do solo traveling or as a group of family or friends, We have years of experience organizing tailor-made holidays. We would be delighted to organize your Tailor-Made including:

  • Walking holidays
  • Trekking holidays
  • Cultural tours

Not only this we are even adding more destinations and experiences to our Tailor-Made holiday’s section.

To Whom We Can Personalise Our Service

We can organize Tailor Made holidays for

  • Individuals
  • Groups of friends
  • Families
  • Honeymooners
  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Clubs and societies

We have designed anything for everything. Just lets us know about the event day and date. We can arrange your desired tours in no time. The price will depend on the mode of the tour it could be costly and can be expensive just according to your options to choose the package.

Our Professional Team Of Travels

We have a team of professionals that are working tirelessly to make your tour a comfortable one. For ideas and inspiration, select one of our featured countries from the drop-down list and take a look at the suggested experiences, accommodation, and itineraries.  You have the option to select the categories in which you are interested and can add it to the option. You can then email your selections to us.

Private Departure Service

For your ease and convenience, We can arrange Private Departures of our group holidays which follow the standard group itinerary but at dates to suit you.

Prices may vary by season. We have a demo of the price showed is per person and based on a minimum of two or four people sharing.

You are welcomed to see the price range. There is an option to select the estimated price. It depends on your way to choose the private departure holiday.

Travel the way you want and get the benefits of a lavish stay at your own pace, Get indulge in activities that suit your particular interests.

Our expert travel consultants will be delighted to design a holiday specifically for you, suggesting ideas to complement your own and creating the optimum itinerary to suit your interests, time, and budget.


We can guarantee you a fun pack memorable service. A perfect travel experience that will be personalized according to your taste. We have a team of experts that can assure you of a perfect holiday ahead.

Our friendly and knowledgeable service is unparalleled. Start to the end you can get an amazing service without any disturbance.

Where to go:

Our monthly guidance and update service will keep you updated on all the latest ravels and tours. If you would like the inspiration for where to explore there are two excellent sources of information on this site. Our Month by Month guide highlights places that are ideal to visit at different times of the year, either due to climate, wildlife, or cultural events.

Places to Explore:

This section is designed to facilitate you with detailed information about individual places within the country. It includes all the main attractions, different accommodations options, tour itineraries that include that place, and, in many cases, excursions that can be taken locally.

Sample Itineraries:

You can observe the list of itineraries that can choose on a private basis. Mostly all the group of tour itineraries can also be taken privately

All of the listed private itineraries are designed to give a suggestion to tell you that how you can link the places altogether, it will also provide you a rough estimate of your tour cost.

Book It Now

Now you are familiar with all the requirements of a tailor-made tour. It s time to book your fun tour. You have the option to book these exactly the way it is, This can also be use of your own customized tour.

For instance, if you like a designed package but you want some customization. If you would like to change a few hotels, insert a few days of relaxation into the middle or add some additional activities into the holiday. Say to one of our expert travel consultants they will be happy to make such adjustments they will not hesitate to guide you, again and again, to make your travel a hassle-free one.

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