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Top 3 Places To Visit In Northern Areas Of Pakistan

Pakistan’s northern areas are having charismatic sights to view. Saying the world’s most beautiful areas is not wrong.  They are the main attraction of the country that attracts the tours towards itself.

Travelers from all around the world love to visit the northern areas of Pakistan. A huge number of wanderers from around the world come to travel the most amiable country, bestowed with the breath-taking landscape.

Pakistan – The Best Travel Destination.

Pakistan is considered a top priority country for destination holidays. During 2017 and 2018, the British Backpackers society listed the country with the best travel destinations in the World. Pakistan was also listed in the list of best travel destinations to travel in 2019 by the Forbes magazines.

Keeping the beauty of Pakistan in mind we have brought the top 3  beautiful places to visit in northern areas of Pakistan. Let’s dig into it one by one.

Naran Kaghan

Naran Kaghan ia topping the chart for the best places in northern areas of Pakistan, The Naran Kaghan valley is located in the Himalayan Mountains of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.

When to Go

Due to weather conditions, these beautiful valleys stay open for a few months to delivers some of the marvelous views from nature. Due to heavy snowfall in northern areas, the valley remains closed during winters from October till April.

Every year, a huge number of visitors travel to this site with their friends, families, to create some unforgettable moments

What To Discover

The Valley surrounded by lush green mountains and deep alpine forest giving a beautiful impact on travelers about Himalayan valleys. In the valley of Naran, there are a lot more to discover like

  • The fairy tale Saif Ul Malook Lake
  • Hike towards the Ansoo Lake
  • Lulusar lake
  • The Queen Dudipatsar Lake
  • Babusar Top (4,173 m).

Pack your bags and get on the journey to explore Naran valley among other best places in northern Pakistan.

Hunza Valley

Rest in the mountains of Northern Pakistan, the huge and vibrant Hunza Valley far in the Gilgit Baltistan region near to China border. Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Colorful Traditions of Hunza Valley

Hunza valley has been proposing its hikers the history and culture along with their colorful traditions. Hunza valley is famous all around the globe among travelers for its immense natural landscape that can put a strong impact on the mind of travelers.

Places To Visit In Hunza

The valley has a lot more to discover. Some of the best travel destinations to visit in Hunza Valley are

  1. Ganesh Historical settlement
  2. Baltit, Altit Fort
  3. Attahbad Lake
  4. Shimshal Valley
  5. Passu cones and glaciers
  6. Khunjerab Pass and much more.

Fact About Hunza Valley

Do You Know? Hunza valley is one and the only destination in the world from where one can witness the beauty of Four mighty Seven Thousanders peaks along with some famous peaks like Ladyfinger peak (Bublimating – 6000 m) and Hunza Peak (6,270 m).

Trekking Routes of Hunza Valley,

There are many of beautiful trekking routes that can take travelers to another world. Some of the most beautiful trekking routes are Shimshal pass, Patundas trek, Batura Glacier trek, and many more.

So whenever you plan to go to Hunza valley try to choose the feasible route for a feasible journey.

Skardu Valley

It says ‘’ Always save best for the last.’’ Skardu valley lies in the Karakorum Range of Gilgit Baltistan in far northern Pakistan. This is considered one of the most favorite destinations in the mountainous region of Pakistan.

Skardu valley offers a lot to the wanderers that one can never expect and ever forget after visiting such places in northern areas of Pakistan.

Facts About Skardu Valley

Do You Know? Skardu is the Baltistan in the Gilgit Baltistan region, which is known as the Little Tibet.

The road leading towards Skardu valley supposed to be the Eight Wonder of the World, as the way offers some breathtaking views along with the danger of huge landslide every time it receives rain.

Best Places To Visit In Skardu

Skardu valley has a lot to offer for travelers to wander in the mountains to explore as many of the places have still not been visited. From the mighty mountains to the world’s highest desert, Skardu has everything for its lovers.

Some of the best places to visit in Skardu valley are:

  1. Shangrila (Lower Kachura) Lake
  2. Upper Kachura Lake
  3. Kharpocho Fort
  4. Katpana Cold desert and Lake
  5. Shiger Cold Desert
  6. Shiger Valley and Fort
  7. Khaplu Valley and Palace
  8. Chaqchan Mosque
  9. Deosai National Park

Trek Routes Of Skardu Valley

Skardu has many of the world’s most beautiful and astonishing trekking routes. Some most amazing ones are

  • Snow Lake (Lukpe Lawo) trek
  • K2 Base Camp (Concordia) trek
  • Banak La trek and much more.


The above mentioned are the top 3 recommendations that must consider when you plan for a northern area visit. Make sure to have a splendid journey with some memorable moments with your loved ones.



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