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Tips for the Biafo Hisper La & Snow Lake Trek.

It’s a journey along the ‘highway of ice’ that connects the ancient kingdom of Hunza and the ancient kingdom of Baltistan. At the shallow Pass of the Hispar La, the Biafo and Hispar glaciers are linked, cutting a non-technical route through the mountains in the heart of the Karakoram. One of the most exciting and wild trekking experiences you can have in the Karakoram is on the Biafo Hisper Snow Lake trek which will surely make the list of any serious mountain trekker.


The 16km wide Snow Lake resting at Biafo glacier’s head was described as “the last blank on the map” by Eric Shipton. The Latok group, which towers above the glacier as one of the world’s most spectacular mountain views, is one of the jagged peaks that tower above the glacier.

In a glacier’s crevasses, we rope up for safety as we negotiate rock moraines, grassy valleys between lateral moraines, and white ice and snow at higher altitudes. Camping on the Hispar La is a highlight – so you can soak up the scenery on your mind and camera. Our trek ends with a descent into the Hunza valley, home to Rakaposhi (7788m) and to the Hunza people, who are known for their hospitality and longevity attributed by some to their apricot diet!


Biafo Hisper Snow Lake Trek Cost

A trek to Snow Lake Hispar La in the Karakoram mountain range is arguably the most challenging and rewarding trek for trekkers and mountaineers. At some points, you will have to rope up. In some places, you’ll need to cross glacial streams, cross loose rocks on moraine ridges, and traverse several tributary glaciers. The Snow Lake – Hispar La trek offers some of the most spectacular mountain scenery and idyllic campsites in the world.

Hunza Adventure Tour has been organizing adventure holidays to Snow Lake Hispar La and other mountains in Pakistan for 10 years. Our company has organized solo, couple, and group trips for clients on a very affordable budget. Our snow lake Hispar la trek is 22 days long and offers the best combination of enjoyment, safety, and acclimatization. Depending on your experience trekking at high altitudes and weather conditions, the snow lake trek duration can be shorter or longer.

Biafo Hisper Snow Lake Trek Package

At the head of the Biafo and Hispar glaciers, Biafo Hisper Snow lake Trek is a high-altitude glacier basin measuring 16 kilometers wide. From Hunza in the west to Baltistan in the east, the Ancient Highway of Ice connects the two Great mountain kingdoms. Those two roads are combined. There is 116 km of glaciers in the world, but Biafo Glacier is the second longest glacier outside the Polar Region at 116 km. In Pakistan’s Biafo Glacier, the best place for skiing, you can explore the snow-covered expanse on skis best place to go skiing.
Hunza Adventure Tour offers its clients an amazing and friendly package, which includes solo, couple, and group expedition packages with all the necessary equipment and accessories for the trek. Traveling Hunza Adventure Tour makes sure that our clients are comfortable during their stay at a hotel of their choices, such as standard, deluxe, deluxe plus, and executive packages.


Biafo Hisper Snow Lake Trek Difficulty

Trekking to the Biafo Hisper Snow Lake is one of the challenges that can make you a better person. It is possible for anyone with a positive attitude and the necessary physical fitness to complete this trek. A trek like this requires you to take it easy, stick to your itinerary, and hike high and low to ensure successful acclimatization. This isn’t your first time completing the Biafo Hisper Snow Lake trek, and we hope you will not be the last. It would be best if you hiked some epic trails before undertaking the Biafo Hisper Snow Lake Trek.


Biafo Hisper Snow Lake Trek Distance

Trekking to Biafo Hisper Snow Lake begins by following the K2 base camp trail to then following the Biafo Glacier west. While the campsites at Namla, Mango, and Baintha are located in grassy areas behind lateral moraines, the trail for the next few days follows loose rocky moraine ridges on the glacier. The trek to the glacier from Baintha camp is relatively easy because of the wide ice highway compared to the loose rocks in the beginning.


Trekking up to the glacier is challenging as sometimes we hike on rocky moraine and sometimes we travel through grassy valleys between the lateral moraines and the valley sides before reaching pristine white ice and snow at higher altitudes where we rope up for safety. The highlight of the trek is camping on Hispar La itself where you have ample time to experience the scenery with your camera.

Biafo Hisper Snow Lake Height


Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan Northern Areas contain Snow Lake, a high-altitude glacial basin located in the Karakoram mountain range. About 16 km long and 4877m wide, Snow Lake is located at an altitude of 4877m. The basin lies at the head of the Biafo Hispar glacier system that extends in opposite directions from the Hispar Pass, forming a 100 km continuous glacier system apart from the poles. La 5,128 m is a high-altitude non-technical mountain pass in the North Areas of Pakistan, located in the Karakoram mountain range. 63 km long Biafo Glacier and 49 km long Hispar Glacier combine to form the longest glacial traverse outside the Polar Regions at 100 kilometers long.

Best Season for the Biafo Hisper Snow Trek


The Biafo Hispar Trek (Pakistan), also known as the Snow Lake Trek, is one of the most remote and nature-filled adventures offered in the world. It is an unparalleled trail in comparison to any other trail you will find in the world. August is the best month to visit this area for trekking and enjoying the snow at the best time of year.

How long does Biafo Hisper Snow Lake Takes


Hunza Adventure Tours offer you the opportunity to enjoy a 22 day itinerary, starting with a rest day in Islamabad. Hunza Adventure Tours’ itinerary includes the Biafo Hisper La & Snow Lake trek. The Biafo Hisper La and Snow Lake trek starts from Baltistan and end in Hunza Valley.

Best Local Trekking Agencies for the Biafo Hisper Snow Lake Trek.


Hunza Adventure Tours is a Government of Pakistan-certified local trekking agency based in Gilgit Baltistan. Its project aims to show the world the beauty of the Northern Area of Pakistan. Our mission is to make touring and trekking easy and enjoyable for all of our clients, national and international alike. The office of Hunza Adventure Tour is based in Islamabad and Gilgit-Baltistan. We can assist you with booking your Biafo Hisper Snow Lake trekking plan for solo or for the group. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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