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Top 10 Tips for K2 Base Camp Trek

K2 base camp trek is attracted by many but this exalted trek is not an easy job. It is a focused task that needs determination and strength. K2 base camp trek is a wilderness that urges mountain lovers to do the camping on the baltoro glacier during the K-2 base camp trek.  You can easily do camping while making good memories.

Now it comes to another thing that is basic preparation for the K-2 base camp trek you must follow some tips while preparing for the K-2 base camp trek. These tips are very valuable for you if you want to have the best and desired trekking experience during the K-2 base camp trek.

So let’s move towards the top 10 must things to do before doing the K2 base camp trek.

1: Be Prepare Mentally And Physically 

Make yourself prepare for the long trek as it going to take many days to reach the destination. Try to make yourself boost up physically and mentally to fear all the hurdles in the way.

2: Route Estimation 

Before leaving for the trek. Keep yourself aware of the route of the trek. Try to be estimated about the smooth and less dangerous route.

3: Trek With Professionals 

It is more important that you choose the professionals to make the trek feasible for you. Their intellects and profanity can be made it in the shades totally.

4: Emergency Aid

Take along the first aid kit with you in case of any emergency as you not going to have any medical facilities during the trek instantly in case of emergency.

5: Advance Preparation

The K2 base camp trek is difficult you just have to be prepared with a lot of care. That’s why it is recommended to have the trekking experience to make things easier

6:Be knowledgeable about all aspects of the trek

Try to understand all the aspects of the trek try to work on everything and don’t miss any of the main features.

7: Visa Documentation 

Before going for the trek be careful to take all the visa documentation. Your visa documentation should be proper and updated try to keep along with you on the way.  If you do not take along this thing seriously then this will become a problem for you while the briefing session in Skardu before starting the trek.

8: Transportation during the K-2 base camp trek

The area and trek to the K2 base camp are so rocky and steep that you can’t go to the destination all of a sudden. To make it feasible you have to change the transportation in between in case of road blockage due to flood or landslide. Be prepared to accept such issues on the way.

9: Hygiene 

During the K-2 base camp trek we took care of the hygiene our staff prepared fresh foods for our clients but be careful do not to try to eat any food offered during the trek from other peoples.

Also, take along sanitizer and sunscreen to keep your skin protected from sunburn and avoid using cold water for washing and drinking during the trek.

10: Camping  during the trek

During the K-2 base camp trek, you will be staying in the tents for few days and you will be using the common toilets without any hot shower facilities. Well! These are the basic tip that you should keep in mind while getting prepare yourself for the K2 base camp trek without a hot shower during the whole trek and camping on the glaciers for few days.

Trekking is adventurous that makes the soul lively but it is really needed to have fun by doing safety precautions. Be obvious to work on this and if you still see any query you can ask Hunza Adventure Tours we are available at any time, any second to help you out. Don t hesitate to ask.

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