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15 Things To Pack For Northern Areas Trip during Spring & Autumn Seasons

Unleash the most aesthetic experience of traveling to Northern Areas of Pakistan during spring and autumn season the most memorable in subtle scenes of the Northern Area of Pakistan. There is a variety of tours to choose from as you can customize the tour of your own will.

Hiking or trekking in the beautiful scenic views or get to indulge in the feel of being love surrounded by a splendid camping experience. This is the most soul purifying experience you can ever feel and had with all the loveliest feel.

Have you ever thought to be part of the beautiful journey but what to pack when you plan your visit to the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Well, you must double-check the things that you need to pack for the tour you want to go.

Here are some tips to inform you and make you prepare for your tour packing that you must consider to pack with you.

Hunza Adventure tours share list of 15 Things To Pack For Northern Areas Trip during Spring & Autumn Seasons

1: Travel Cushion and Pillow:

Whenever you feel to travel to the Northern Areas of Pakistan you can imagine a long journey with many steep roads and long-distance that means you gone spend your time traveling. The beautiful scene while driving made the mood change that you spend most of the time seeing them. But what you must take care of is you should be able to bring a travel pillow to make it soothing and relaxing. As it is a long journey and you need time to relax your muscles as well.

Firstly it is an affordable thing and will help you a lot in comforting in the long journey save you from muscle stretch and all.

2: Mobile Accessories and Hands-free:

Don’t forget to have hands-free with you. A long journey becomes more beautiful if you grab amazingly good earplugs with you and listen to your favorite songs. Make song your companion the beautiful way.

3: Warm Shawl or Lightweight Jacket:

Take good care of your safety. Don’t go while packing warm clothes. Northern Areas of Pakistan are cold and you can’t go there without a jacket and warm shawls try to have warm shawls and jackets to keep your body warm.

4: Gadgets and Chargers:

Double-check your camera batteries, mobile charger, and power bank. You cannot expect charger points everywhere be sure to have your charger and power banks with you to capture the amazing views.

5: Book and Notepad:

If you love to read and have a diary writing habit then bring on your favorites to get indulge in every moment by reading and writing.

6: Torch Light:

You have to bring the torchlight along with some extra batteries. You can use the torchlight during the night walk or going out for star grazing or photography of stars.

7: Hiking or Trekking:

If you considering a go-to for hiking or trekking in the Northern Area of Pakistan then you have to pack some essentials that are a must need for hiking or trekking.

8: Hiking Boots:

Firstly there come to the hiking boots try to carry the strong sturdy joggers with you. Don’t consider normal simple boots as they have no work for them there and you will break them in minutes.

9: Cargo Pants:

Try to pack cargo pants do not think to wear jeans and light fabric make it safe with cargo pants cause you on the trek.

10: Full Sleeve Tees:

There will skin shades issue cause of sunlight try to wear a full sleeve to protect your skin.

11: Hat, Sunglasses, Sunblock:

Make sure to have hats and sunglasses with jackets and sunblock as these are necessary things that must be in mind to protect the skin from many things.

12:Refillable Water Bottle:

Water is something you will need again and again try to take refill water with you.

13: Snacking:

For little boots of energy to take some snacks with you.

14: Camera:

To capture your most amazing moments with almost scenic views try to take along a camera with you. Take it and be sure to have extra batteries with you.

15: Extra Wear Clothes:

Be sure to take along extra warm clothes with you during the spring and autumn season the temperature drops at night and early morning.

Above are some essential mentions that must be considered before your trip to the Northern Areas of Pakistan.


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