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The Top 10 Hiking and Trekking in Hunza Valley:

Having hiking and trekking plans to Pakistan is something we love and we have some of the best ones in the world. The news about Pakistan regarding the travel describe only a small part of Pakistan. Beautiful mountains, high mountain passes, valleys, rivers and lakes characterize this country. Our best of Pakistan Northern Areas Mountains trekking and hiking in Hunza valley. Our trip to the Hunza Valley will include learning about their culture and history, tasting their incredible food and experiencing their warm hospitality. We you will see the Spantik the Golden Peak, Rakaposhi Peak, Lady Finger, Passu Peak, Gulmit Tower, Passu Cones, Shisper Peak, Batura Peak and many more.

In Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region the Hunza Valley is one of the most beautiful places on earth. In addition to serving many countries, Hunza Adventure Tour offers the best hiking and trekking in Gilgit Baltistan with the Hunza Valley standing out for the friendliness of its people and natural mountain beauty. After living in the Hunza Valley for a few weeks and exploring its main attractions, here are 10 top spots for hiking and trekking in Hunza Valley.

Hunza Rush Lake Trek


A high altitude lake located near Rush Pari peak, Rush Lake is one of Pakistan most beautiful high altitude lakes. Rush Pari is a mountain that is located at a height of 5560m and the Rush Lake is part of the largest lake in the world at a height of 4,695m. The lake is found in a valley with a height of about 2000m in the Nagar Valley about 15km to the north of Miar Peak and Spantik Golden Peak.

In order to get to Rush Lake and Rush Peak, one can take the Nagar and Hopper Valley route or take the spectacular Hopper Glacier and Miar Glacier which rise from both Miar Peak and Phuparash Peak respectively. The beauty of these peaks adds to the experience of the Rush Lake trek as one crosses the Rusk Lake and starts to head towards the climbing to Rush Peak.

On a clear day, you also have the opportunity to see the summit of K2 Mountain from the beautiful Rush Lake. There is absolutely no doubt that Rush Lake trek is the most ideal trek for all the trekkers and it is absolutely a reward for all its beauty. Rush Lake trek will not only give you the pleasure of experiencing nature but you will also feel energetic and excited to explore the surrounding area. Rush Peak a stunning 5560m high Peak is another reward of this trek.

Rakaposhi base camp Trek


Rakaposhi Mountain is located in Hunza and Nagar Valley in Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan, which is situated in the Karakoram mountain range and has a height of 7788 meters high. From the Karakoram Highway which passes through Nagar Valley, you can easily see the outstanding rise of its snow-covered peaks which gives Rakaposhi the name ‘snow-covered peak.’

Rakaposhi is a word meaning a snowy peak. In the Hunza Valley you can even see its majestic wall of snow that stretches all the way to the edge of the horizon. The trekkers can trek up to the Rakaposhi base camp at 3500m and witness the beauty of Mount Rakaposhi up close and personal.

Batura Glacier Trek


The Batura Glacier is one of the longest glaciers on earth. Batura Glacier’s total area is 290 square kilometers and its length is 58 kilometers. Passu 2500m is the starting point of the batura glacier trek and Gusheam is the ending point. Leaving Passu village the trail passes Yunz, as well as the moraine of the Batura Glacier as it heads north towards Zagakpert. Afterward the trek continues to Put Maha (3336m) and Kuldul. Gusheam is the next camp where you can see spectacular views of the surrounding peaks.

There are lush alpine meadows, peaks towering above 7000m and some of the world’s largest glaciers set amid a beautiful and colorful land. Batura glacier can be found in the Upper Hunza Gojal Valley. Batura glacier is a popular trek in Hunza valley is an ideal choice for novice trekkers.

Hunza Patundass Trek


In between Ghulkin Village and Passu Village, Patundas Meadows trek begins near Borith Lake. The total distance of the trek is 29 kilometers, which included the adventure up the ridge past Patundas viewpoint. On day one you can camp just across the Passu Glacier at Patundas Lower camp. Next day in the morning climb the steep path to camp one of Patundas meadows. Throughout the journey, the terrain is rocky, gravelly, glacial and grassy without any technical elements.

Shimshal Pass Trek


One of Pakistan’s most amazing adventures is Shimshal Pass trek. Shimshal Pass is located in one of northern Pakistan’s most remote valleys. By Karakoram Highway (KKH), Shimshal valley is approximately 800kms from Islamabad at an elevation of 4700m.

Shimshal Pass is also called Pamir pastures by the local population, who graze their sheep, yaks and other domestic animals on this pass for 6 months each year. Minglik Sar (6000m plus) can be found at Shimshal pass, along with other high altitude peaks. For mountaineers and climbers, the peaks provide excellent training

Trekking Shimshal Pass offers amazing natural beauty. A lake near the base of Minglik Sar Peak is among the lakes and wetlands in the area. Shimshal Pass lake is relatively large. One side of the lake is surrounded by thin grass, while the other side is surrounded by thicker grass. Shimshal Pass separates Snow Lake from Braldo Pass. The main attraction of this trek is the view of the mighty K2 and many other 7000m peaks on a clear day when the skies are clear.

Ulter base camp and Hone Pass Trek


There is a belief that at Ultar 7388m Peak the tall mountain that towers majestically above the Hunza valley, once lived a fairy queen in a crystal palace. There is no doubt that the water that supplies Hunza’s irrigation system originates from this sacred mountain. Located at the entrance to Ultar Nala, which opens up into a vast area of pasture clad in granite and surrounded by a cascade of glaciers, the Baltit Fort guards the entrance to this narrow, steep valley.

The hike to Ulter meadow and back is difficult enough to be done in one day, but spending the night in the meadow is an unforgettable experience. There is nothing more beautiful than Ultar under the moonlight. As the avalanches of the icefall punctuate the stillness and echo off the peaks and cliffs that surround the meadow, they punctuate the stillness.

Diran base camp Trek


Diran is situated in the Rakaposhi Haramosh Range of the western Karakoram Mountains. From the Hunza Valley, Diran appears as a gentle pyramid and is considered the second-easiest peak of 7000 meters in the Karakoram after Spantik, although from the Hunza Valley, it can be quite hazardous due to its avalanche reputation. It is made easy to access the mountain from the Hunza Valley simply by traveling up the Karakoram Highway. Diran Peak base camp starts from Minapin village in Nagar valley in Gilgit Baltistan region.

Worthum Pass Trek


It is an infrequently traversed non-glaciated pass (5316m) connecting the Batura Glacier and Chapursan’s Lupgar Valley to its north. The pass is good for those climbing in the Werthum Valley as it offers an alternative way out of the upper Batura Glacier.

North of the Batura Glacier, this rugged side valley has some easy snowy peaks and several technical peaks between 5400m and 5900m at the valley’s head and along Shireen Maidan (sweet field) Glacier. Six Batura peaks are visible from the pass, as well as Shishpar. It is not technically challenging but requires basic mountaineering skills to cross Werthum Pass. Our recommendation is that the member takes high-altitude clothing, rope, crampons, ice axes, etc. Come to this trek only if you have acclimatized yourself or walked for a couple of weeks before the trek.

Chafchingol Pass Trek


A high Pass on the KKH links Shimshal village with Koksil 17km west of Khunjerab Pass. It is a spectacular and challenging trek to traverse the South and North Ghuzherav ranges. Chafchingol Pass is glaciated, but not Boissum Pass. Several deep, swift streams must be crossed, as well as loose, Class 2 scree. You descend over crevassed glaciers. Chafchingol Pass Base Camp offers an incredible range of outdoor activities. You will find information about holidays and vacations, courses and lessons, activities and day trips, hotels and other accommodation around Chafchingol Pass Base Camp as well as discounts and deals.

Chafchingol Pass base camp you will find inspiring articles on adventure sports and outdoor activities. Select the type of content you’re looking for from the blue menus, or filter the results by activity. We are very excited to share the knowledge we have gained at Chafchingol Pass base camp with you. Explore adventure holidays, action sports courses, extreme adventures, accommodations, money-saving discounts, and travel articles in this Chafchingol Pass base camp travel guide.

Shatubar Glacier Trek


Located in Upper Hunza valley the Shatubar glacier trek is a trek for adventurers that starts from Gulmit village in Upper Hunza valley. As you make your way through the gorge between the garage and the glacier, you quickly come to a beautiful pasture in the foreground and beneath you, you can glimpse the winding ice glaciers bed that starts from above. You found the Shatubar trek to be a magnificent adventure trek taking you to one of the most unspoiled natural wonders of the Karakoram Range. From Shatunbar glacier you will have the best view of Gulmit Tower the unclimbed Tower in Hunza Valley.

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