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Is Hunza & Gilgit Same | Skardu Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages

Skardu Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages

Hunza Valley Mountains
The Hunza Valley is a mountainous valley in Pakistan’s northern Gilgit-Baltistan area, formed by the Hunza River and bordered by Ishkoman to the northwest, Shigar to the southeast, Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor to the north, and the Xinjiang region of China to the northeast.
Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages 2022

Gilgit Baltistan’s Hunza Valley Tour Packages are some of the most beautiful places to visit. So, we offer online vacation and holiday packages for public or Hunza group trips throughout the year. We are offering family tours from Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore to Hunza. We have vacation packages for 3, 6, and 7, and 5-day trips to the Hunza valley. We are the best people to help you plan a trip to Hunza Gilgit Baltistan.

List of Tour Packages for the Hunza Valley

  • Luxury Tour Packages for Hunza
  • The Best Tours of Hunza and Naran Valley
  • Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages
  • Skardu Hunza tour packages
  • Hunza Air Trip Sells the Most
  • Hunza & Swat Trip Package
  • Hunza and Skardu get a special tour
  • Group Tour of the Hunza-Naran Valley in 2022
  • Trip to the Hunza Valley in the fall
  • Travel Package to Hunza and Fairy Meadows

Gilgit Hunza Valley Travel Packages

Everyone wants to go on a trip to a faraway place to get away from their boring daily routines or ways of life. Moreover, they want to have some adventures along the way. Here are a few of the fun and exciting things you can do on the Hunza Family Tour Packages. So, why don’t you just do it? Book the best plan you can today and add some amazing things to your life. There are many beautiful places to see in Hunza Valley, and now is the time to do so.

Family Trip to Hunza Packages: Places to see

  • Balakot
  • Naran Tour
  • Kaghan
  • Lulusar Lake
  • Babusar Top
  • Jalkhand
  • River Kunhar
  • Kiwai Waterfall
  • Saif ul Malook Trip
  • Rakaposhi View Point
  • 3 Mountain Meeting Place
  • Baltit Fort or Altit Fort
  • Attabad Lake
  • Passu Peaks
  • Khunjerab Pass Tour
  • Husseini Suspension Bridge
  • Karimabad Bazar
  • Glacier Breeze Restaurant

Services we provide:

  • Luxury transportation with air conditioning
  • Good Meals (Breakfast and Dinner)
  • Bonfire
  • Simple First-Aid
  • Fuel Tolls
  • Hunza Valley Tour Travel Guide’s Services
  • Hotel stays for the night

The famous mountain peaks are part of the trips to Hunza.

  • Ladyfinger Peak 6300 m
  • Bojohagur Duanasir 7329 m
  • Ultar 7383 m
  • Shispare 7631 m
  • Sangemarmar Sar 6943 m
  • Passu Sar 7478 m
  • Batura 7795 m
  • Rakaposhi 7788 m
  • Diran Peak 7266 m
  • Rush Peak 5098 m

Also, March through June is the best time to visit this beautiful lake. On the other hand, the Islamabad & Karachi to Hunza tour package gives bird lovers the chance to see beautiful wildfowl. So, find out about this great place to visit in Karachi & Islamabad to the Hunza valley tour package. Also, if you book your Hunza valley tour package early, you can get a good discount.

Hunza Valley | Gilgit-Baltistan | Shigar valley | Kalash valley

Visit Hunza Valley Travel Plan

Hunza Valley trips in Gilgit-Baltistan are popular with Pakistanis and people from other countries. A trip to Hunza Valley has a lot of interesting things to see and do, but every tourist also finds something unique there. It draws people because of its clear meaning and beautiful sea-green waters.

Hunza Valley’s Languages

  • Burushaski,
  • Wakhi
  • The trunk

What happens in Hunza Valley

  • Thukhum Rezi Hunza Festival
  • Chupurson has a festival called Baba Ghundi.
  • Shimshal Kuch Festival
  • Chinese Hunza Festival

Is it safe and sound in Hunza Valley?

Even though Hunza’s snow-covered mountains are beautiful, it is the people who make your time special. As soon as you get to the Hunza valley trip, you feel like you’ve been taken to a different country because the people there act differently than the average Pakistani.

Hunza Food

Because of the water and weather in each province of Pakistan, the food tastes different. Hunza is known for its clean water. So, it’s no surprise that the food here is tasty and easy to digest. The walnuts, apricots, and Hunza tea are also well known.

How to Book Package Tours to Hunza

If you want to make changes to your private tour based on the days, places, budget, or dates you choose. Please discuss this with us. So, why are you still waiting? Book a memorable tour with Hunza Adventure Tours. Plan a 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7-day trip choosing from our Gilgit Hunza Tour Packages to Hunza Valley based on what you want.

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