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5 Reasons To Visit Skardu Valley With Local Tour Operators

Skardu Valley is considered the absolute epitome of natural perfection. Saying it the marvel of nature is not wrong as it has many treasurable things that would be irresistible from the naked eye. The views of Skardu valley are so spectacular you can experience things like serene, nature life, and wilderness in this place. It is more like the peace of heaven on earth.

As this valley is lovely enough to visit the place but it is recommended to visit this place with local tour operators so can easily explore the whole Baltistan valleys. Watching this exceptional valley is not lesser than a treasure hunt. This valley is full of many histories and amazing facts that you could not get to know without local tour operators.

Here the main 5 reasons, after reading them you really think to scout this valley with the local tour operator.

  • Reason No: 1

The aesthetic Skardu Valley is located in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. It is located on the Indus River that separates the Karokaram range from the Himalayas. The Skardu Valley is the main attraction for mountaineers and trekkers as it considered the best place for adventurers from around the world. The three mountain ranges are treasured my maintaining enthusiasm. You need a proper mountain guide to do the hiking and trekking in this beautiful region without the local guide this area will remain unexplored by sending all your effort in vain. If you want to get advantages of all the mesmerizing and majestic views that do trek it with a professional guide.

  • Reason No: 2

The Skardu Valley is the central valley that shares many similarities in cultural heritage and architecture with Tibet. It has been the part of the Tibetan empire that existed from the 7th to the 9th centuries. Moreover, Balti the ancient form is also spoken in the Baltistan region, which is also dubbed Little Tibet.

This amazing lifestyle craft and style has its own charm you will get to know about all these tour operators as they have all the experience and knowledge with relevant areas of Skardu Valley.

  • Reason No: 3

You cannot go to travel to Skardu without any guidance as to the place and the location is so difficult to reach. The local tour operators have the know-how about the areas and location. This valley is also surrounded by the longest glaciers and the highest peaks in the World which are K-2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I, and II.

  • Reason No: 4

This beautiful Skardu valley is situated between the Gilgit Baltistan in the UNESCO World Heritage site, it is in the central Karakoram National Park that is the largest protected area in Pakistan. Moreover, the most attractive Katpana dessert that also knows as Cold Dessert that covers in snowfall also comes in this region. It is an amazing thing to explore, but again to worth every moment in this valley you must visit it with intellectual tour operators.

  • Reason No: 5

The Skardu Valley includes dessert areas in it which means you can say that the temperature will be high here, but you are wrong because the magical thing about this valley is that the temperature in this valley is so moderate. You will experience a moderate climate all over.

Still, you cannot plan suddenly to visit the Skardu valley. You need a proper estimate calculation and temperature to check the weather scenario. This valley has a warm temperature in July but in winter you can experience the coldest temperature out there, which would lower than -12 Celsius.

Professional local tour operators can help you a lot with this because they remain updated about the weather conditions of these areas.

Hunza Adventure Tours is your best choice to visit this beautiful and majestic Skardu Valley. We as a tour operator has the policy to maintain the credibility and professionalism in all the case.

Hunza Adventure Tours is a tour operator that has fully knowledgeable about the place. One thing we must tell you that you will get mesmerized by the intellectual power and proficiency as we claim to cover all the best places in the Skardu valley.

Do not forget to approach us for your visit to Skardu Valley if you want an amazing trip within amazing tour packages.

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