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Places Everyone Must Visit in the Northern Areas

Top 10 places everyone must visit to witness the magical Cherry Blossom Season in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

01: Hunza Valley:

Hunza Valley is popularly known for its spring season cherry blossom. The time period of the cherry blossom season in every region is very short. The cherry blossom season begins in Hunza valley from mid-March and lasts until the end of April. Cherry blossom in Hunza valley signals an exceptional display of a dramatic change of nature welcoming a brand new life. The harsh winters are replaced by moderate breezes and the landscape dresses in a new vibrant outfit to demonstrate its ultimate splendor. Green terraced fields flowering trees of cherry, apricot, almond, peach, and apple snowcapped mountains crystal clear rivers and creeks; and blue skies make up a blend of unmatched beauty.

02: Skardu Valley:

Spring cherry blossom season in Skardu valley is so captivating for the eyes and those gorgeous pink cherry blossoms never fail to amaze anyone. Skardu Valley is located in the extreme north of Pakistan and offers some amazing scenic views of the snowcapped mountains and valleys.

Everyone falls in love with the colors of the cherry blossom, the shape and color of the petals reflect people’s ideal notion of peace and simplicity.

Most of the time there is the slightest breeze, a shower of cherry blossom petals is produced. At the same time, one can also view the blossom of Cherry, Apricot, Apples, Peaches, and Pears. The lush green terraced fields surrounded by blooming trees displaying scenes enough to overwhelm visitors from around the world.

03: Phander Valley:

Cherry Blossom season arrives in Phander valley in the month of March and ends until the end of April. Cherry blossom or spring season is one of the best seasons to visit Phander valley, the fruit trees erupt in white blossom and down the valley looks like a white carpet. The blossoms of apricot, cherries, almond, peaches, and pears give a spectacular scene in the snowcapped high mountains in Phander valley. During the spring blossom, all the valleys of Phander turn into lush green terraced fields surrounded by blooming trees and high snow-capped mountains. Especially the cherry blossom is very eye-catching for the tourists from around the world, the blossom is the seasons for which they are dreaming.

Phander Valley is one of the most scenic valleys with easy access both from Gilgit and Chitral. Phander valley and Phander Lake is one of the most famous tourist attraction in the entire region. Phander valley was the breadbasket for the whole Northern Areas of Pakistan. The deep blue lake in Phander valley offers a magnificent view and is basically the home of trout fish.

04: Khaplu Valley:

Spring blossom season is the beginning of the season usually from mid-March welcomes you to the Khaplu valley in Baltistan. The lush green terraced fields surrounded by blooming trees and the village itself guarded by snowbound sky kissing mountains displaying scenes enough to overwhelms visitors from around the world. Moreover, besides the appealing vistas, the fragrance emanating in the valleys adds charm to the visual beauty. This breathtaking tour in the beautiful spring blossom season in the northern areas of Pakistan gives you a huge variety of natural splendors. This panorama can be seen throughout in the Northern Areas of Pakistan along the Karakoram Highway and off the road.

05: Shiger Valley

One of the amazing wonders in Gilgit Baltistan, there lay a Shiger valley along with the Shigar river. It is about 170 km from Skardu town. This is a great gateway to the Karakoram Mountains via Shigar valley. The town of Shigar is the largest settlement in valley, Shigar Fort, along Amburik Mosque, Khilingrong Mosque. Khanqah e Muallah, Hashoo pi Bhag, Marapi Ranga and Ree mosque. Shiger valley is very fertile and rich in fruits apples, cherries, apricots, pears, peaches and walnut.

06: Gupis Valley

Gupis Valley is full of beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views of the valleys and the snowcapped mountains. The turquoise water of river flowing along the road and surrounding fields and forests presents are very charming for tourists from around the world, there lie a charming lake is Khalti Lake. Gupis valley is famous for being habitat of trout fish. The Khalti lake is formed due to stretch of river near the village of Khalti. In the summer months the lakes turn into dark blue add more charm to scene. The Khalti Lake usually freezes during winter one can easily walk on it.

07: Astore Valley

Astore Valley linked up Nanga Parbat to the east is about 120 km. The entrance of Astore valley is a courtyard located about 60 km southeast of Gilgit. Astore valley is the desired location for hikers and trekkers and provides a spell-bounding view to nature enthusiasts and photographers. Astore valley has more than 100 villages including Gudai, Shekong, Dass Karim, Loas, Louze, Chilm, Bubin, Gorikot, Parisheng Eid Ghah, Fina, Bulen, Chongra, Tari Shing, Rattu, Kamri, and Minimerg.

Rama Lake is the most famous tourist attraction in the region. The climate of Astore valley changes according to the season it’s mild in spring and autumn season in summer the weather is pleasant and harsh in winters. Astore valley is an excellent base for climbing, trekking, and hikkers. A broad area starting from the Nanga Parbat to Deosai and Kamri has enough interest for tourists and adventure affecter.

08:Nagar Valley

Nagar valley is situated at an elevation of 2,438m in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Ghulmet, Minapin, Chaprote, and Hopper Valleys have admired tourist attractions in the Nagar valley because of the spectacular scenery and bewildering views throughout the valley. Hopper is another most beautiful place in Nagar valley land of snow-clad mountains but the sheer power of glaciers to carve out new landscapes makes them intricately gorgeous too. Hopper valley is surrounded by Rakaposhi Mountain whereas the Diran Peak stands tall in Minapin.

09: Swat Valley:

Swat valley the Switzerland of Pakistan also bears the colors of cherry blossom. Swat Valley abounds with roaring rivers, waterfalls, meandering streams, glacier-fed lakes. The pine forests and alpine meadows covered with the pink flowers of cherry blossom that make a unique effect on eyes. In Swat valley there are several sites to visit which include the Kalam, Malam Jabba, Mahudand Lake, Gabriel Lake, each location is filled with several colors that are only visible in the spring season.

In Swat valley, the fruit-laden orchards, lush green fields, and flower-filled mountain slopes make it spectacular for the visitors in the cherry blossom season.

10: Neelum Valley:

The spring season cherry blossom arrives in Neelum valley in the month of March. Neelum valley is enriched with astonishing landscapes and waterfalls and above all the dense green forest is filled with rosy pink color and mountains that are most captivating to witness. Hiking or trekking alongside the valley of Taubut, it would be an amazing experience with an amazing backdrop the beautiful places include the valley of Kail, Gagai, Phawai, Sardari, Jam Garh, the stream in between these towns makes them more spectacular. In this spring season, every view of Neelum Valley is twice as beautiful.

During the spring season Swat valley is filled with pink flowers hanging full of happiness. Whether it is Skardu or Swat valley, Neelum or Hunza valley each has a unique texture that is completely different from the previous one. Grab your bags now and add more amazing and long-lasting memories with your loved ones.





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