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14 Most Amazing Places Must Visit In Skardu Baltistan

Skardu is the most enticing and captivating place in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. This is the most tempting region where you can see all the colors of beauty in no time. It is the time to get captivated with beauty. Basically, Skardu is the must-visit place that must be visited during your tours to the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

If you ever opted to go to the places there are 14 most places that will never be forgotten and ignored when you visit these places.

Let’s move toward these amazing and magnificent places to explore.

  1. Satpara Lake

The magnificent place that is a must-watch is Satpara lake that is elevated at 8650ft above sea level. The melting ice from the Deosai plain is the main source of the water for the lake. The lake is so beautiful that you will consider coming here again and again. You can have come to the fairy tale scene after watching it. Not only this but turquoise color water lake attracts many tourists towards itself for fishing and boating automatically.

  1. Khaplu Valley

Khaplu valley in Skardu is considered the lushest green valley. This valley is surrounded by greenery all over that automatically brings you in peace. The scenes that this valley gives are so beguiling that you can get posses with them in time. Moreover, the Jeep ride in the valley adds more twists and turns. This valley is an ancient state which lies at the base of the Karakoram range that is considered the hub of the Yabgo Dynasty. It also has a fort in it that is now served as a museum for tourists’ attention.

  1. Deosai Plains

At number three we have DEOSAI on the list that is another marvel of Skardu valley. This is the land of giants. Deosai inhabitants of bears in the national park. This place is so calm that you can feel and get the moments of peace in it. The place is silent enough that in some time you can feel and listen to your heartbeat. The cherry on the sundae the must thing is to watch the history and the beautiful mesmerizing views from dawn to dusk.

  1. Sheosar Lake

In between the plain, you will encounter the sheosar lake that is a magnificent beauty in its self. It is the world’s highest lake of its own kind. Its blue deep blue water is enriched with the green plains of Deosai not only this but you will find killer mountains Nanga Parbat in the back by giving you an amazing view.

The lake has its own charm in both winter and summer, Tourists will be able to see them to different and amazing yey mesmerizing view in both winter and summer.

  1. Katpana Lake

Katpana lake is one of the new additional popular lakes. This lake is getting the popularity newly. You will get the amazing scene from this view, This lake is the best lake that has all the amazing scene is located 4km away from the Skardu valley. You will be able to see all the things in this lake you can see the amazing scenes with most of the best landscapes and mesmerizing views.

  1. Basho Valley

Here comes the Bashu valley that 2 hours away from the main city. This lake has its own charm as this is amazing on its own not only this lake has the capability to mesmerize you in the summer. The greens plain will also make you fall in love with its self on the summer. The site is filled with all the amazing things where you will able to have a lot of views for the camoing. Not only this you will also be to have the sighting views the night that is full of stars.

  1. Kachura Lake

Last but not least here comes the kachura lake a lake that is beautiful to admire on its own. It is full of view this the lake that is mesmerizing beauty to behold, The upper Kachura lake is full of dense forest where you can see the amazing forest and greenery all over.  Similarly, the backdrop has also an amazing view to see that will let you enjoy every bit of it.

  1. Shigar Fort

Situated in the immense plain lands of Skardu valley this Shigar fort is immensely beautiful in its self. The magnificent beauty can’t be denied at any cost. It has a lot to offer. A pure form of history that depicts many historical incidents in its self.

400 years ago this fort is made up of stone and also know as Rock Palace that must be visited for any reason. It also serves as a guest room that depicts baltit culture in its style.

  1. Hushe Valley

In the heart of Baltistan, the marvelous Hushey Valley is located. This magnificent Valley is surrounded by high peaks. It is surrounded by 6000m peaks and very closely situated to K2 Broad. Just in the center look and feel of leaky mountains, this valley has its own charm. Where you can see your self goes round and round in love and vibe to be felt with love.

The weather in this valley can be tremendously cold that makes it more worthy to watch and love.

10: Shigar Valley

Like others, this valley has its own importance one of the most leading easily approached valleys that had a lot of history embodied in it. It is best in all for all the lovely options there.

11: Shangri la Lake

This is an upper Kachura lake that flaunts some marvelous and beautiful imagery. This lake has its own importance as it connected with the dense forest that attracts everyone towards it as well

The scenes are too beautiful that you will feel like it has  Flora Fauna’s tale.

12: Khaplu Fort

Khaplu fort has its own importance this fort is lovely in all forms and amusingly beat all charms cause of its high charming view. This is engulfed in a very great history. Not only this but this fort is beautiful because of its lovely structure.

13: Indus River

Embezzled yourself with the beauty of the longest river that is so beautiful this river has its own charm and must-visit. Once you visited it you will be able to see it and want to visit it, again and again,  with the amazing feels with such aesthetic looks of such amazing levels that you will get mesmerized on it.

14: Manthul Buddha

Manthul Buddha rich is in the manual village where you can be able to make things mesmerized. It is famous for granite rock that has engraved Buddha. Many visitors come to this place and allure themselves with the charmed beauty of it.


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