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Tips for the K2 base camp Trek | 2023 -24 |

K2 is a world-famous mountain in Asia and many adventurers come to Pakistan to trek to K2 base camp or to climb K2. It is a place where humankind meets nature’s majestic peaks. The second-highest mountain on earth K2 is located in Gilgit-Baltistan and is the highest peak in Pakistan. The breathtaking view of mountains attracts millions of tourists and adventurers lovers from around the world.


The K2 base camp trek goes through Concordia, which is the confluence of the Godwin-Austen and Baltoro glaciers at 15,420 feet. The area is one of the few places in the world where you can witness four 8000m peaks, including K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I, and Gasherbrum II peaks.

The beautiful mountain is located in the Karakoram Range partly in Pakistan and partly in China. Despite the threat, hardship and challenge nature has placed before it, the K2 has kept its secrets intact, the beauty of its base camp unseen and hidden until it is discovered.

Getting to the K2 Base Camp is a difficult task that requires diligence, practice, and passion. When trekking to the K2 Base Camp, it is important to be ready not just physically but also mentally to cope with the challenges you will face.

K2 base camp trek involves an extensive trek on the world’s 5th longest glacier Baltoro glacier. At the top of the Baltoro glacier is Concordia, which is known as the “Throne Room of the Mountain Gods”. There is a spectacular view of K2 from Concordia.


We at Hunza Adventure Tours the local trekking Agency make your 20 days of journey memorable and enjoyable and you can plan your adventure holiday to the mountains of Pakistan with us.

K2 base camp Trek Cost:

The K2 base camp trek is the most challenging and the most rewarding adventure in Pakistan. Adventurers not only in Pakistan dream of experiencing K2 base camp trekking but international tourists also enjoy visiting Pakistan’s most beautiful Northern regions and experiencing.


A trek to K2 Base Camp with the help of Hunza Adventure Tours will be an unforgettable experience. Our packages are tailor-made and we also offer fixed departures trips for individuals, families, or small groups. Islamabad is the starting point of our amazing journey with national and international clients.

Hunza Adventure Tours offers different kinds of Packages for the K2 base camp trek. Our packages are Budget, Standard, Deluxe to Executive Package for tourists from around the World.

K2 base camp Trek Package

The view from the base camp of K2 is one of the most unique and spectacular views of the Karakoram mountains and how could you possibly overlook such stunning scenery within such amazing packages.

Hunza Adventure Tours offers different packages for its clients so they can have a memorable and amazing adventure tour. During your trek to K2 base camp, you can choose any package from Hunza Adventure Tours cost options with a budget that suits your needs.

Hunza Adventure Tours packages range from solo travel to groups of up to 15 members. Various packages are available from solo to groups, such as standard, Deluxe, Deluxe Plus, and Executive with different prices. Furthermore, we offer packages starting at 2050$ and can customize packages on clients’ requests.

Our aim at Hunza Adventure Tours is to give you a unique adventure experience when traveling in Pakistan, especially in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, so when you return home all your memories of your time with us will make you feel relieved.

K2 base camp Trek difficulty

Taking on challenges makes you a better person and one of those challenges is trekking to K2 base camp. If one has the proper physical fitness and a positive mindset, anyone can complete the K2 base camp trek. On a trek like this, you need to ensure successful acclimatization by taking it easy, sticking to the itinerary, and hiking high and low. You are not the first person to complete the K2 Base Camp Trek, and we hope you will not be the last. You should do some epic hiking before you attempt the K2 Base Camp Trek.

K2 base camp Trek distance

From Askole village the trek start at K2 base camp the total distance is around 90 kilometers, which involves daily treks that take 6-7 hours each day. A complete distance breakdown of the K2 trek is as follows.

Islamabad to Skardu 640 kilometers
Skardu to Askole 126 Kilometres
Askole to K2 Base camp 90 Kilometres.
K2 base camp Height


K2 base camp height is 16,400 feet above sea level on a long, gray spine of rocks on the southern face of the mountain. The journey takes 8-9 days from Askole to the K2 base camp along the Baltoro glacier. The distance from Askole to the K2 base camp is 90 kilometers. Askole can be reached by Jeep from Skardu town 126 kilometers away, after the eight hours of jeep driving. Trekking to the K2 base camp usually takes 20 days, depending on the weather conditions.


K2 base camp Trek Map:

Best Season to do the K2 base camp trek

From mid-June to the end of September is the best month for trekking to K2 Base Camp. Trekkers can do the K2 base camp trek at any time during those months. Trekking to K2 base camp cannot be recommended from early June or late September onward.

How long does the K2 base camp Trek take:

Hunza Adventure Tours expert can help you conquer the K2 base camp trek. The distance is 90 Kilometers from Askole, the last village in the Shigar Valley. The distance between Skardu and Askole is 126 kilometers and it takes 8 hours to drive there by mountain Jeep. K2 base camp treks are usually completed in 20 days but they can be longer or shorter depending on your experience and weather conditions.

Best Local Trekking Agencies in Pakistan for the

K2 base camp trek

Hunza Adventure Tours is a certified trekking Agency based in Gilgit Baltistan. Its project aims to show the world the beauty of Pakistan. Our mission is to make touring and trekking easy and enjoyable for all of our clients, national and international alike. Hunza Adventure Tours is based in Islamabad and Gilgit-Baltistan. We can assist you with booking your K2 base camp trek. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding your trekking in Pakistan.


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