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7 Days Hunza Valley Cherry Blossom Tours 2022

Have you ever get the chance to visit Hunza valley during cherry blossom season? Well if not then you are missing the pure bliss of nature. This is the utmost thing that must be visited. Hunza Valley cherry blossom season is considered the wonderful season in Heaven on Earth. Moreover, the cherry blossom has been hailed by the Japanese as the conventional name Skura.

When To Go?

Hunza Nagar has always been applauded for its cherry blossom season as it presents the most enchanting climate which welcomes a new season in Hunza Nagar valley. Kepp this in mind that Cherry Blossom Hunza is only accessible from March 15 to April 30. The residence of the flower is short but rich and beautiful.

What Hunza Valley Offers In Cherry Blossom Season?

Hunza Valley presents great visits and tours in the mountain valley of northern Pakistan, that’s why it is considered the perfect palace to visit with friends and family.

The Hunza Valley offers a perspective on four peaks over 7000 meters high, for example, Diran Peak, Rakaposhi Peak, Golden pinnacle, and Ultra top from different centers in the Hunza Karim Abad regions.

Our Hunza Valley tour has consisted of a 7-day package. We try our level best to cover each and every detail in these 7 days. We make the visit cherishable by covering all parts of Hunza in full swing.

Let’s decode our 7 day tour day by day:

  • Day 01

The day includes:

  • The picks up of a client early in the morning around 7 a.m.
  • We have a car facility that will take you to Hassanabdal, a famous religious city of Sikh gurus Panja Sahib.
  • Pass through the city of Abbottabad and reach Mansehra, the city of alpine trees. It will normally take 4 hours.
  • After that, we will head to Besham after a few more hours of travel. Before arriving in Besham City, we will pass through towns like Chatar Plain, Batthgram, and Pattan.
  • In particular, you will see the first big bridge over Thakot pass over the Indus River.
  • Finally, join Besham after a total trip of 9 hours in a family-style hotel.

Most importantly, they are all beautiful and exotic scenes that you can observe in the whole scenario.

  • Day 02

Day 2 includes:

  • Early breakfast and departure at 7:30 am
  • Reach Chilas afternoon and short stay
  • Evening Arrival and installation in a hotel
  • After breakfast, our first destination is Chilas, which will take 6 hours on the winding road to the Karakoram.
  • We will have a brief stay in Chilas City, the capital of Diamir district, ironically famous for Killer Nangaparbat mountain.
  • Finally, we will reach after a short stay at the Nangaparbat viewpoint as well as the meeting point of three mountain ranges.

One thing that must be kept in mind that the road is a bit risky but very scenic. However, some areas are barren and the landscape remains drab in a few places.

  • Day 03

Day 3 include:

  • Breakfast in the morning and departure at 8:30 am
  • Afternoon, arrival in Naltar by jeep and excursions
  • Evening Arrival in the Hunza Valley and check-in at a hotel
  • First, we will have breakfast in Gilgit.
  • We tour the Naltar Valley in a 4X4 Jeep.
  • We will spend most of our days here and visit Naltar Lakes if time permits.
  • Subsequently, we will reach Hunza which is two hours trip, and check in to a hotel in Hunza valley according to the package

Keep in mind Naltar is famous for winter skiing, just as beautiful in Summers for its forest and charming beauty. The rivers are in abundance.

  • Day 04

Morning breakfast and discovery of the valley

Afternoon visit to the iconic building of Hunza – Forts Altit and Baltit

Evening Return to the hotel in the Hunza valley

First of all, we will prepare for the visit to Altit & Baltit Fort after breakfast.

Altit And Baltit Fort

Altit Fort along Baltit Fort symbolizes the diverse culture and love of the land of Hunza. The fort has been restored by the Agha Khan Foundation. Previously, Baltit Fort was the residence of the Hunza royal family.

These areas give you a gigantic view of the beautiful landscape of Hunza.

Do you know? The Hunza Valley has various peaks such as Ultra Peak over 7000 meters high. Interestingly, Golden Peak as well as Rakaposhi Peaks are visible and feel very close.

  • Day 05
  1. Morning breakfast and discovery of Upper Hunza
  2. Afternoon visit to Lake Attahabad and Khunjerab Pass (if open)
  3. Evening Return to the hotel in Hunza Valley in the evening
  4. The Hunza Valley is famous for another natural wonder which is Lake Attabad.
  5. The blue-colored lake of Attabad is a must-see tourist spot.
  6. Previously the roads were dangerous, but now the tunnels newly built and easy to use.
  7. Traveling on the Karakoram Highway, this road leads to the Khunjerab Pass which is the international border between Pakistan and China at an altitude of 15,700 feet.
  8. Passu and Sost are famous towns in the upper valley of Hunza and fall under the district of Gojjal.
  9. Finally, we will go to Hunza in the evening and have a rest.
  • Day 06
  1. Breakfast in the morning and move to Besham
  2. Afternoon trip to Gilgit and Jaglot City
  3. Arrival in the evening at the hotel near the night
  4. We will have a long day in travel estimates of almost 10 to 12 hours.
  5. We will pass through the Karakoram Highway during winters such as Naran Babusar Top in summer.
  6. Most importantly, Babusar Top is only open from June to September. Reach the hotel according to the itinerary in the evening.
  7. Check-in at a hotel
  • Day 07

The 7 days include:

  1. Breakfast in the morning
  2. Move to Islamabad City
  3. Afternoon trip to Besham – the city of Abbottabad
  4. Evening drop-off at the airport or any customer’s desired location
  5. The 7th day of the trip will start in the morning from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  6. We will travel for 8 to 9 hours to reach Islamabad for the end of the tour


This is an effort to get you familiar and give you a glimpse of the Hunza Valley cherry blossom season. Undoubtedly this is the most iconic sight to view that one must experience one in its life. So get ready to experience such an amazing visit.

You will surely feel a new spectrum of colors all around the valley from Gilgit, Bisham, Bagrot valley, Kargah Buddha, Hunza Nagar.

A memorable visit is waiting for you!

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