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How To Get Pakistan Tour Visa?

Prior to getting a Pakistan tour visa was so complicated. It is considered the toughest thing, and the applier has to wait for it for several long time.

Now with different changes, this thing is becoming a lot easy. Different new changes have been made easy with the introduction of the online visa system this thing has become a lot better.

Especially, recently revised visa policies, including visa on arrival for nationals of several countries, have made travel to Pakistan much easier and more comfortable.

According to the US-based Conde Nast Traveler, Pakistan was the number one holiday destination. Therefore, to facilitate travel to Pakistan for other travelers.

There are basically two methods to apply for a Pakistan tour visa. These methods are as follows.

Pakistan Tourist Visa Online

With the new visa changes, nationals of 175 different countries are eligible for a Pakistani e-visa. While tourists from over 50 countries are allowed to apply for a visa on arrival. If your country is not on the list, you must go to the nearest Pakistani embassy/consulate to apply for a Pakistan tourist visa.

Pakistani Tourist Visa On Arrival

Likely, it is recommended to apply with your intention to travel to Pakistan in advance, as requested by the authorities. A tourist visa on arrival will grant you the right of entry to enter Pakistan and see all its wonders.

What Documents Are Needed?

You will need to give copies of several things before you can get your visa accepted. Most importantly you will need an invitation letter from the tour operator to be accepted. Secondly, the immigration office requires your passport and a recent photo of yourself.

Visa On Arrival Validity

A Pakistani tourist visa on arrival is valid for three months and can still be issued if desired. Nationals of certain countries such as Turkey, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates may also be issued a 30-day multiple entry visa upon arrival.

What Is Pakistan Tourist E-Visa?

Pakistan’s electronic visa service makes the whole process faster, easier, and more convenient. The application usually takes between seven and ten working days before being approved. The visa is open for extensions if travelers need it. But at least it can take from seven days to four weeks to process.

What Documents Are Needed?

The documents that are required for online tourist visas for Pakistan are as follow:

  • Passport
  • Recent photograph
  • The letter from your sponsor

Your tourist operator will sort your sponsorship letter or invitation letter.

Pakistan e-Visa Validity?

Pakistan Tourist e-Visa may have different durations. A tourist visa for Pakistan can be a single or double entry visa with a short stay of fewer than three months at a time. If necessary, you can always request an extension of up to six months or more, if necessary. Depending on demand, a US citizen may be eligible for a 5-year multiple entry visa.

What is a Pakistani Tourist Visa Online Application?

The visa application process is not that much difficult. The procedure is quite simple and can be adopted by anyone. Visit the official Pakistan visa website and select the visa category After seeing which visa category you belong to, follow the step by step process on the website.

You can then complete your tourist visa application in a few easy steps:

Open the Pakistan Tourist Visa Application System Online.

  1. Create your account
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Fill out the application form
  4. Pay the required fees
  5. Submit your application.

How To Apply for a Pakistani tourist visa through the Embassy?

It is essential that you give yourself enough time to obtain the visa before you fly. It usually takes between one and six weeks for a visa application to be processed.

What Documents Are Needed?

The documents that are required are as follow:

  • Passport
  • Recent photograph
  • The letter from your sponsor

It will also demand proof of your residency in the country in which you reside, a complete travel itinerary, and your return flight. The embassy will also ask you for a letter of employment from your job or school, income tax returns, and bank statements for the past three months.

How long does a Pakistani tourist visa last if it is approved by the Embassy?

A Pakistani tourist visa will be valid for up to three months from the date of approval, where you can say in the country for 30-90 days.

It is much more complicated and slower to obtain a visa through the embassy than to do it online. But here is given you all the important information in so much detail so that you can get aware of all the important things and can get your visa conveniently.

Moreover, you can ask us any question at any time regarding your visa application and process. Our travel counselor will be pleased to help you with every step.





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