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Group Tours

Why Small Group Travel:

We’ve created an option for you to enjoy the same remarkable Hunza Adventure Tours experience on a small group tour. Now more than ever is the time to take comfort in exploring with like-minded travelers, and with added ease knowing that every detail is taken care of. You can choose to join our small group tours of 10 people or less in Pakistan. No matter what you choose, you’ll travel with the peace of mind that your wellbeing is always our first priority.

Look out for the ‘Small Group Tour’ icon in the departure calendar, or simply call or contact us for more information. We’re here and happy to help.

Small groups

Our groups are small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently but big enough to create a good social vibe. Group size will vary depending on where and how we’re traveling, but our average group size is about 10. We’ve found that’s a great number to let you connect with the people you meet without feeling like you’re just a face in a crowd.

Hassle-free Adventures

We’ve put years of research into our itineraries, operators, and accommodation so you can focus on real-life experiences. So why spend hours agonizing over every detail of your adventure when you can leave it to someone who lives and breathes your style of travel? Traveling solo on a small group tour has its perks too – it means ready-made friends who are itching to explore just like you.

Just the right balance

The best small group adventures strike the perfect balance between planned activities and ‘you time’. After all, we don’t want to cramp your style – it’s your holiday. Although we do have an itinerary to stick to, there are always opportunities to make the journey a little more you. Found a cafe you want to try? Want to add-on an Urban Adventure? There’s always room for improvisation and an adventure of your own.

Unbeatable Value

You might notice that we offer three styles of travel, all of which come with more inclusions than you might expect on a typical group adventure. While other group tours might drop you off at the Faisal Mosque and leave you to fend for yourself, our expert local guides will give you great value every step of the way.