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About Us

Limitless possibilities

Our Story

Founded in 2010 by two local experts by Zahir Shah and Nisar Ali Rozi, Hunza Adventure Tours was created in the spirit of entrepreneurship and a burning passion for travel. All of us at Hunza Adventure Tours have realized a common dream to explore the unspoiled and less traveled areas and to visit and learn from the diverse and wondrous culture of Pakistan. We are dedicated to work as friends and guide to each traveler we assist. We are company of choice if you are looking for local experts and want to experience the diverse culture and hospitality in every corner of Pakistan. 

The way forward

Mission & Vision

Hunza Adventure Tours” focuses on diverse business in terms of market, customer and travel service in inbound travel with an aim to become one of the leading travel companies in the Pakistan. Adventure is our passion so we aim to exert all our efforts to provide memorable experience to our valued clients during their stay with us, through our customized offerings, unique tour packages with long time desire to delight our customers

Ready to be amazed

Our Promise

At Hunza Adventure Tours we work hard to provide a fun, informative vacation experience for our clients. We promise outstanding adventure travel experiences for people with an adventurous spirit. Every active travel experience Hunza Adventure Tours creates is complemented by signature accommodation, regional cuisine and remarkable local guides who can show you the greatest hits and hidden gems of each destination. No matter where you want to go or what you want to do. Hunza Adventure Tours delivers unique, flexible and exclusive travel at its best.  

Difference matters

Our Uniqueness

Being phenomenal in services that makes us unique. Our strength is our devoted team that is intellectual enough and efficient to provide amazing service. Our team leader and guides are so devotional that work hard in resulting safety and record during the trips. They are good enough to make a reliable tour that will be alluring in all manners.  

Beyond borders

Our Ethics

Hunza Adventure Tours has always believed in a business model which shared the profits of tourism in order to benefit the local staff and communities which are part of the tourism experience.  A core ethic at Hunza Adventure Tours is to treat everyone respectfully and equally. All of the staff have a proper salary and training and a chance to turn their competence into a career and their career into an income which will help with the inequities in life and enable their children to grow up without the privations that they did. 

In everything we do

Our Responsibility

At Hunza Adventure Tours, we are committed to exploring Pakistan in a responsible manner. We continually seek ways to tread lightly across the unique landscapes and diverse cultures on this planet. One of our core values is to contribute positively to the community striving to preserve traditions and cultures and protect fragile natural habitats. Our journeys are designed to facilitate meaningful connections with the people and cultures of the places we visit in Pakistan.

Meet Our Team

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it

Sakahawat Shah


Zahir Shah

Managing Director

Nisar Ali Rozi

General Manager

Jasmine Tay

Overseas Representative

Nilofar Naz

Operation Manager

Sofia Shah

Sales Manager

Razia Sultana

Director Sales / Marketing

Hasan shavaiz


Muhammad Karim

Muhammad Karim

Tour Guide

Mumtaz Karim

Tour Guide

Shah Wali Tour Guide

Shah Wali

Tour Guide

Iman Ali

Adventure Guide

Aman Ullah Khan

Adventure Guide

Juma Wali

Adventure Guide

Amjad Karim

Tour Guide

Usman Mardanvi

Tour Guide

Saleem Akber

Saleem Akber

Tour Guide

Muhammad Ali

Tour Guide

Javeed Harri

Javeed Harri

Adventure Guide

Bashir Ahmed

Bashir Ahmed

Adventure Guide