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Treks / Wakhan Corridor & Passes of Boroghil

Treking in Gilgit Baltistan Description

Wakhan Corridor & Passes of Boroghil trekThis classic traverse from Chitral to Chapursan valley and Hunza along the Wakhan corridor is a delightful trek crossing three passes Shah Junali pass 4215m the Kurambar pass 4300m and Chilinji pass 5200m. We pioneered this trek when no tourists were allowed in the region. Following early explorers Tilman and Thiesegar it offers the best of mountain scenery. The scenery changes dramatically from deep valleys, thundering rivers and soaring glaciated peaks of the Shah Junali before you emerges on the southern tip of the Pamirs at Brroghil and Kurambar. In Boroghil the boundless plains, lakes and mountains of the Pamirs of central Asia are literally a stone throw away, and a detour to the crest of Boroghil pass revels a valley that falls away into the fabled Oxus. Here you get to see Wakhi tribe, rosy-cheeked Tajiks and Kirghiz leading yaks and camels on trade routes. You then continue east into the northern extremities of the Karakorum in Hunza with peaks rising on both sides of you, glacier crossing & with the high Chilinji pass this trek offers a variety of mountain scenery on route.

Treking in Gilgit Baltistan Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival Islamabad. Transfer to hotel. Trek briefing for permit. Hotel

Day 2

Drive over Lowari pass 3118m to our private family Fort at Ayun. Home stay

Day 3

Visit Alexander’s lost tribe the Kalash of the Hindukush . Ayun Fort home stay.

Day 4

A day in Chitral town exploring bazaars and Fort. Hotel

Day 5

Jeep drive through Torkhow river valley to Zanglasht.7 hrs Camp

Day 6

Drive to the village of Rua.3/4 hrs, porters join us, acclamitize walk Camp

Day 7

 Trek above Moghalang. 5/6 hrs Camp

Day 8

Trek through lovely meadows to Shah Ghari. 5/6 hrs Camp

Day 9

Trek cross Shah Junali pass 4215m to Laimano Gol. Camp

Day 10

Trek to the village of Lasht. 7 hrs Camp

Day 11

Trek to the wakhi settlement at Kismanjana 6 hrs. Camp.

Day 12

 Trek to the pastures of Ishkarwarz on the Boroghil 5/6 hrs. Camp

Day 13

Trek to the Wakhi tribe at Qui Quildi. 5/6 hrs Camp

Day 14

Trek to Kurambar lake. 4300m 6 hrs Camp

Day 15

Rest at Kurambar and explore around. Camp

Day 16

Trek before Chatoboi glacier. 4 hrs. Camp

Day 17

Trek cross Chatoboi glacier to Sukhtarabad. 6 hrs Camp

Day 18

Cross river , trek to Chilinji Jungle. 3 hrs Camp

Day 19

 Trek to Chilinji high camp, 4 hrs Camp

Day 20

 Trek Over Chilinji pass 5200m to Baitar. 7 hrs Camp

Day 21

Extra day in case of bad weather/ Rest at Baiter .Camp

Day 22

Trek to Babagundi Ziarat. 5/6 hrs Camp

Day 23

Jeep drive via Reshit to Soost to Hunza. Hotel

Day 24

Free day exploring Karimabad Hunza. Hotel

Day 25

 Drive on Karakorum highway to Chilas. Hotel

Day 26

Drive to Rawalpindi . Hotel

Day 27

Free shopping day in Rawalpindi. Hotel

Day 28

Transfer to airport for International flight


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