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Tours / Wonders of North

trekking in gilgit Description

Number of days      21
Range                      Karakoram
Best Season            May / September
Max. Elevation        4737 Meters

Enjoy wonders of the North from Skardu to Khunjarab pass. If you catch flight to Gilgit, you will have marvellous areal view of the Nanga Parbat in the  Himalayas and several peaks of the Karakorams. However, travelling along the KKH, in case you start by road, will give you an alternate pleasure of its kind. Whatsoever, atleast one side journey must be by air to enjoy the view. It would give you an aura as if you are trekking on the high altitude mountains, not just travelling by air.

When you start travelling by road, Chilas is your first stop for overnight. It takes around 10 to 12 hours to reach to Chilas and another three hours will take you to enchanting Gilgit town next day. In the environs you have Karga Buddha nearby, at around 15 minutes drive but interesting-a carved Buddhaare in the rock at about 10 meters from the bottom of rock.Another full day will be needed for a day excursion to Naltar valley-a lush green region pasture cum valley at around one and half hour drive from main Gilgit city. The next day you are heading towards Hunza along the KKH. Explore the beauty of Hunza with its picturesque locations and its cultural haritages. There is still a long way to go before you think about Skardu for the way back. The beautiful Gulmit valley, the isolated Shimshal valley now accessible by Jeep, and the remote Chupurson valley, all have a splendid charm of their own.  Your very destination is the Khunjarab Pass, the hightest mettalled border in the world between Pakistan and China.

From the Khunjarab pass you turn to switch into a different culture. You are now about to enter Tittle Tibet. If you have already been to Tibet or even haveheard about their culture and life style, you will find a culturral replica of Tibet in Skardu. Almost everything is Tibetian exept the religion- their  lifestyle, artifacts, buildings, and much more......there is just more than enough to explore. The beautiful lakes, the typical Tibetian style forts (some of them recently renovated by Aga Khan Cultural Services), and the 16th century Buddhist Rocks are an added beauty. Explore also the interesting old and new markets and see how people lead their lives. Fly back to Islamabad safely and to homeland with beautiful memories of Pakistan.

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trekking in gilgit Itinerary

Day 01 Arrivel in Islamabad, transfer to hotel.
Day 02 Fly to Gilgit / by road drive to Chilas in case of cancellation of flight.
Day 03 Day trip to Nalter valley and back to Gilgit / drive from Chilas to Gilgit.
Day 04 Drive to Karimabad, visit local bazar, back to hotel.
Day 05 Early morning drive to Duiker for sunraising, afternoon visit to forts.
Day 06 Drive to Gulmit, explore Gulmit village. (Hotel)
Day 07 Day hike to Gulkin glacier and Borit lake. (Hotel)
Day 08 Drive to Shimshal and explore Shimshal valley. (Camp)
Day 09 Day hike around Shimshal village.(Camp)
Day 10 Drive to Chupurson valley and explore. (Camp)
Day 11 Day hike in Chupurson valley. (Camp)
Day 12 Drive to khunjrab pass (4737m), back to Passu. (Hotel)
Day 13 Drive to Gilgit with lunch on the way at Rakaposhi point. (Hotel)
Day 14 Drive to Shigar in Skardu. (Shigar Fort)
Day 15 Drive to Hushe. (Camp)
Day 16 Explore village and day hike around Hushe. (Camp)
Day 17 Drive back to Skardu. (Hotel)
Day 18 Visit lakes around skardu, Hotel
Day 19 Fly back to Islamabad or drive to Chilas. (Hotel)
Day 20 Free day for shoping in Islamabad or drive from Chilas to Islamabad. (Hotel)
Day 21 Fly back home, end of services.

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