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The Majestic Mountain City

Tour to QuettaPakistan’s largest province Balochistan with an area of 3,42,505 square kilometers is also the most striking. Mostly desert with rugged hilla and rock mountains, the province also has fertile valleys having rich orchards and prosperous farms growing apples, grapes, peaches and apricots in abundance. Balochistan has a fairy welldeveloped poultry and dairy industry.Boloch, as the people inhabiting this land are proud, robust and fiercely independent.They harbour no domination and the British who come here in the late nineteenth century learned to respect and honour.Balochistan is said to have a large reservoir of mineral wealth.Coal and gas produced here are used by the rest of the country.Given the promising mineral potential that this province has, Balochistan despite its vast deserts and present wilderness may well prove to be a reserve bank for the future development of Pakistan.Fishing is the principal occupation and source of income for the coastal towns of Gwadar, Turbat and Pasni all of which are already scheduled PIA services.

Quetta, the provincial capital is the only city having a fairy dominant urban population.Until the British arrival in 1877, Quetta was little more than a fort and a small training post.The British army led by Sir Robert Sandeman was charged with the responsibility of keeping the road link between the then India and Afghanistan via Balochistan open.Equally important was the responsibility to keep open the Bolan Pass connecting Balochistan with Sindh.The British army, therefore, made Quetta a military centry from where to operate anginst the Baloch unwilling to accept foreign subjugation.Quetta is located 5,550 feet above sea level enjoying a healthy climate.The temperature drops a few degrees below the freezing point in winter following a typical autumn when the leaves turn golden and then a wild red.Vary few places can compete with Quetta valley in having wide range of tastful fruits, exported to all parts of the couyntry as well as abroade.There you can find plums, peaches, pomegranates, apricots, apples, olives, different types of melons, cherries, pistachios, almonds and other dty fruits.Saffron and tulips are also grown and cultivated on a commercial scale.The fruits heavan is Urak, called SAMARISTAN, meaning the land of fruits in Persian.Excavatins in the Quetta valley have proved that the pre-historic humans used to live there.Mehergarh is a unique site revealing a continuous sequence of cultures in the Province.The archeological sites are considered to have been flourished between 7000 BC & 800 BC.Modern day Quetta is a real growing centre of excellence.It is rapidly progressing in various walks of life.


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