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Tour to PeshawarQissa Khawani Bazaar:
Side by side with wide beulervards and modern avevues, Peshawar retains the narrow lanes and streets as well as the typical crowded oriental bazzars, over flowing with goods and people.
Among the most famous of the Peshawar bazaars is the Qissa Khawani Bazaar immortalized by the British peet and writer Rudyard kiplingas the street of the story-tellers. The Peshawar bazaar flourished as the city has traditionally been a whole sale market for goods transported across the Khyber Pass to and from Afghanistan and the sub-continental. Infact it has also been a resting post for merchants carrying their wares beyond Afghanistan into Central Asia. For any visitor to Peshawar, Qissa Khawani is an unavoidable haunt. It retains all the renanticism and chivalry that has been the hallmark of the area. Tribesmen and traders gather here to exchange news and ance dates and to haggle and bargain. As the fierce but friendly, warm and hospitable pathans chatter and gossip between cups of sweet tea, brightly painted and gaily decorated trucks, vans and cars pass by, with all horns blaring. The bazaar also has all other trappings of the oriental market place with street vendors dispensing health pills, fore-telling for tunes and the snake charmers alluring people towards their baskets-full of snakes, minus the venom of course.

Bala Hisar Fort:
For the visitors, Peshawar offers more then the charm of its bazaars and its people. There is the Bala Hisar Fort built by the mughals Emperor Babar in the early sixteenth century.
Masjid Mohabat Khan:
The mosque built in 1630 AD. By Mohabat khan, the Mughals governor pf Peshawar is a marvelous piece of architecture, throgh lost its original glory, long age.Thi way yet another feature in the cap of engineer Emperor, shshjehan (0628-1658 A.D.).It is still one of the impressive religious buildings, situated in the Andar shahar Bazaar.

The Peshawar Museum:

To see the most invaluable collection from various archaeological sites, one must visit the Peshawar museum. You can see relics of different civilization, especially Gandhara period (300 B.C.-300 A.D.) on display in scientifically arranged galleries. The treasure trove tells you the untold history of the region.

Islamia College, Peshawar University:
Islamia College is a historical place. Founded by sahibzada Abdul Quiyum, an educationist of British period, the college later served as awareness creator among populace, willing to flight for the cause of freedom. Some of the most renowned personalities were students of this prestigious institute, which later became a part of Peshawar University.


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