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Northern Areas of Pakistan Jeep Safari Trip

treks Description

Gilgit – Baltistan formerly known as northern areas of Pakistan lying under the great mountain ranges of Himalaya –Karakorum –Hindu Kush –Hindu Raj and Pamir, surrounded by high peaks of 6500 m to 8600 meters.
Gilgit-Baltistan is administratively divided in six districts, know as Gilgit, Ghizer, Diamir, Baltistan (Skardu) and Ghanche.each run by a Deputy Commissioner and controlled by Chief Secretary stationed in Gilgit.
Gilgit the capital of Northern Areas has been inhabited for thousands of years, the various invaders, reached in the South, reached here. The animism of early inhabitants was over laid by fair worship, brought from in Iran. This was modified by the Indo Aryans in 1700 BC.
From the 1st century Gilgit was like Kashgar, the trade center from all places as its now. From 4th century to 11th century AD, It was under Buddhism influence of Sogdiana dynasty, Kushans Hindu Shahis and later Islam introduce in this area. Gilgit situated at an important point, Central Asia-China.
Northern Area is connected with air and road with other cities of Pakistan including Islamabad the Capital. There are daily flights to Skardu and Gilgit, which is subject to weather. It’s linked with Karakorum highway through the Indus valley. 620 Kilometers to Gilgit and 832 Kilometers to Skardu. It’s a two days drive to reach Gilgit & Skardu.
Northern Areas is the fairy land, which covers thousands of Squire Kilometers if high snowcapped mountain surrounded by Lashed green valley’s rivers, Glaciers- High meadows –high passes –Pine Dev Dar Forest, Juniper trees, cultivated fields, Fruit orchards, which offer Spectacular panoramic view of natural disaster. Northern Area is a tourist paradise for Trekkers, Climbers –Skiers –Jeep Safaris-Rock Climbing –White Water Rafting-Cultural Tours, Silk Route Travelers –Mountain Bike Tours and many many.


treks Itinerary

Day 1
Rawalpindi-Islamabad - Transfer to your hotel. This city is the
gateway to the enchanting northern areas of Pakistan and is only 11 miles from Islamabad. afternoon city tour of the twin cities of
Rawalpindi-Islamabad visiting "The Army -Museum ",the exotic Raja Bazaar. The Folk Heritage Museum and the Islamabad view point in Damen-e- Koh, Driving back through Islamabad to your hotel, one can see a wide variety of contemporary architecture. Dinner and overnight at your hotel.
Day 2
Rawalpindi-Taxila-Peshawar - Morning departure for the exciting
frontier of Peshawar. Enrooted stop at Taxila, the ancient renowned Gandhara Art Center which dates from the 5th century B.C. to 455 A.D. Visit the Museum, arrive at Peshawar . After lunch City tour of this exotic city ."Peshawar Museum" ,"Mahabat Khan Mosque" (built by Mahabat Khan, the  governor of Peshawar region during the reigns of "Shah Jahan" and "Aurangzaib : the famous Mughal Emperor) " Balashisar Fort " built in 1834 by the Sikhs. Overnight at hotel.
Day 3

Peshawar-Thakht-i-Bahi-Saidu Sharif - Morning departure for Sawt
valley. Enrooted stop at "That-i-Bahi" to visit the Gandhara Age Buddhist monastery and Stupas founded in the 1st century A.D. and abandoned in the 6th or 7th century. Continue on to Malakand Pass beyond which lies the lush green Swat valley. Arrive at Saidu Sharif ,the capital of Swat and transfer to your hotel. Later city tour of Saidu Sharif visiting the Museum which has a good collection of replica from Gandhara period and the colorful bazaars. Overnight at your hotel.

Day 4

Saidu-Kalam-Saidu - After breakfast departure from Kalam, through the valley of upper Swat valley following the Swat river and we will visit Madyan and Bahrain enroute. The area is very beautiful with steep wooded hills, terraced fields, high mountains and the Swat river flowing in torrent. Arrive at Kalam which offers excellent view of the whole Kalam area and of "Palser Peak" 5918 M high. Afternoon at Kalam return to Saidu for over night at our hotel.

Day 5
Saidu-Dir-Chitral - Early morning departure from Chitral town which
nestles under the shadows of "Trichmir Peak" 7708M high. riving out of Saidu we cross the Swat we cross the Swat river at Chakdara where you can see the "Chakdara Fort" above which is "Churchill's" Picket" where Winston Churchill was stationed during the Pathan uprising in 1897.Driving on among terraced fields through the Dir valley we reach "Lowari Pass". 3200M high which offers excellent views of Drosh valley on one side and Dir on
the other. Continue on the amidst high mountains and reach Chitral. Rest of the day free to explore this tribal town. Overnight at hotel.
Day 6
Chitral-Rumbur-Bomburet - After breakfast departure for the "Kalash valleys" where the ancient pagan tribes of the Kalash peoples dwell. The Kalash are reputed to be descendants of the Greek armies brought by "Alexander the Great" of Macedonia. Their way of life has changed very little since ancient times . Our first stop is Rumbur :where we explore the village and meet the Kalash people in their unique costumes of robes. After having a picnic lunch we continue on to the largest village of these valleys "Bomburet" and the camp. In the evening we visit "Brun" another
Kalash village of Bomburet. Here we can witness their unique life style, their sacred halls and ancient shrines. Return to campsite for dinner and over- night.Kalash music after dinner.
Day 7

Bomburet-Chitral - This morning we continue our exploration of Kalash villages. After drive back to Chitral .Visit the Chitral Mosque, the Fort and the bazaars. Overnight at hotel.

Day 8

Chitral-Singol. After breakfast drive to Singol.

Day 9
Shandur Pass-Phander - Early morning departure for Phander Lake.
Through lush valleys with dry Mountains shadowing them. Reach "Shandur Pass" 3720M high. This is a beautiful area with two lovely lakes. We descend down the pass to Punial valley and arrive at Phander Lake. Overnight in tents.
Day 10

Phander Lake-Sher-Qila - After breakfast, depart for "Sher-Qila"
(Lions Fort) the main village of Punial valley and the residence of the "Raja of Punial". We drive through the Punial valley passing fruit
orchards and green plantations which offer a distinct contrast to the barren red mountains. Arrive and camp for overnight in the Raja's Garden.

Day 11

Sher-Qila-Gilgit. Morning departure for Gilgit, the main town in the
area almost enclosed by lofty peaks. It is famous for its "Polo". Arrive and transfer to your hotel. After lunch you will be free to explore the local bazaars and overnight at hotel.

Day 12

Gilgit-Karimabad - After breakfast we leave for the majestic valley
of Hunza. Traveling on the famous Karakoram Highway we head towards Karimabad, the capital of Hunza, famous for the longevity of its people and its fruit orchards. Today's drive offers excellent views of the glittering Rakaposhi. Arrive at Karimabad from where you get the beautiful and glittering view of "Rakaposhi Peak" 7788M high. After lunch at your hotel visit the 700 year old fort and the Baltit village at Karimabad. Rest of the day free explorations, overnight at your hotel.

Day 13
Khunjerab Pass-Gulmit - After breakfast we leave for the incredibly
beautiful upper Hunza. Enroute you can have close rang view of "Gulkin Glacier" ,"Passu Glacier" and "Batura Glacier" which is 59kms long, one of the longest in the world. As we climb up, the landscape changes to rugged snowy mountains till we reach the Chinese border at Khunjerab Pass 4703M high. After spending some time at the pass we return down to the Karakoram Highway and reach the beautiful village of Gulmit, where we transfer to your hotel for overnight.

Day 14
Hoper Glacier - Morning departures for Hoper . Leaving the Karakoram Highway near Karimabad, we drive on to a jeep track which leads to the Hoper Glacier,58 kms long with regal peaks in the distance. Arrive at Hoper village which lies next to the "Hoper Glacier" and camp. this site offers commanding views of Hunza valley Peaks on one side and the Hisper-Hoper range on the other, its snowy summits skirted by many tiny Hamlets, clinging to the valley walls. Overnight in the tents.
Day 15
Hoper-Gilgit - After breakfast depart for Gilgit traveling over the Karakoram- Highway, arrive and transfer to your hotel .Rest of the day at leisure. Overnight at your hotel.
Day 16
Gilgit-Skardu - Morning departures for Skardu . District Head Quarters of Baltistan situated on the banks of the mighty river Indus at a height of 2286M Arrive and transfer to your hotel for overnight.
Day 17
Skardu-Khaplu - After breakfast depart for Khaplu which lies at the banks of river Shyok. Overnight in tents
Day 18
Khaplu - Full day free explore the quaint village of Khaplu and visit the Raja's Palace. After lunch the group will go for a short excursion to Machlu. From where you get exciting views of Macherbrum peak and Hushe Valley. Return to Khaplu for overnight in tents.
Day 19
Khaplu-Shigar - Morning departure for Shigar .The village of Shigar is a picturesque one with an interesting wooden architecture. Arrive and camp. Rest of the day free to explore. Overnight in tents.
Day 20
Shigar-Gilgit - Morning departure for Gilgit .Arrive and transfer to your hotel for Overnight.
Day 21
Gilgit -Astor-Rama - After an early breakfast departure for Rama.leaving the KKH at Jaglot we drive on to a jeep track which leads to the Astor valley .Rama which nestles beneath the Nanga Parnat Massif.Arrive and camp for the night dinner around the campfire.
Day 22
Rama Lake - After breakfast we leave on a short trek to "Rama Lake" which offers ample and excellent views of the Nanga Parbat range of peaks. Trekking through pine forests, we arrive at the lake 4kms away from our camping Site. Picnic lunch and return to Rama for overnight camping.
Day 23
Chilas - Early morning departures for Chilas. Traveling down the
Astor road we join the KKH at Jaglot and continue on to Chilas. Arrive and transfer to your hotel for overnight.
Day 24
Babusar Village - Morning departure for the lush green village of
Babusar. Leaving the KKH on to a jeep track which leads to the Babusar Pass and further to Kaghan valley. After an exciting jeep drive we reach Babusar village situated at the foot of the Babusar Pass 4145M high and surrounded by pine trees. Overnight camping.
Day 25
Naran. After breakfast departure for Naran. Ascending the Babusar Pass 4145M high we get excellent birds eye views of Kaghan valley on one side and Chilas on the other. Driving down further into the Kaghan valley we pass "Lalusar Lake" which is surrounded by lush green meadows and continue on through the scenic surroundings to reach Naran, the village which lies at the heart of the 155km long Kaghan valley. Arrive and camp for overnight in tents.
Day 26
Saif-ul-Muluk-Lake - Morning drive up to the fairy tale lake of "Saiful Muluk" 3200M high which shimmers under the guardianship of "MalikamParbat" peak 5292m high. Arrive at the lake and camp on the banks of this magical lake. Rest of the day free to explore the surroundings. Overnight in tents.
Day 27
Balakot-Abbottabad - Early morning departure for Abbottabad.
Descending down from Lake Saif-ul-Muluk we drive along the Kunhar river amidst lush green mountain slopes and pine plantations to reach Balakot. Continue on to Abbottabad ,a small mountain town popular as a hill resort during summers. Arrive and transfer to hotel for overnight.
Day 28
Abbottabad-Rawalpindi - Morning departure for Rawalpindi. Arrive at
Rawalpindi and transfer to your hotel. Rest of the day at leisure.
Overnight at your hotel.
Day 29
Islamabad Morning transfer to the airport for your onward flight.

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