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Rock Climbing / Latok Peak Ogre Peak

Trek to Patundass Description

Altitude: 6,500m
Zone: Open
Duration;26 Days
Best Time: May - October.

Latok group of Peaks are Latok I is 7145m, Latok II is 7108m Its west face first ascent made by Toni Gutsch, Alex and Thomas Huber in 1997 (a recent Italian expedition surveyed the Latok peaks and measured Latok II higher than Latok I),Latok III 6940m, Latok IV 6456m, Latok IV SE Ca6450m. The other peaks close by are Choktoi 6166m, Baintha Brakk SE 6960m, 7285m middle, Orge Thumb / Lukphila Brakk 5500m, Spaldang 5590m, Biacherahi Towers 5900m. Big Wall is the nature phenomenon, a precipice which has a steep more than 70 degree and the length more then kilometer. There are 20 Big Wall in the World and Latok is one among them. Latok peaks are mixture of ice and rock climbing. Not all of Latok Peaks faces are climb, there is plenty of opportunity for adventure lovers to come and make their first ascent. In 1999 the Huber brothers from Germany made the second ascent on Latok IV south 6450m in one day they also climb Latok II.

Among woman Calhoun prefers to climb in a party of just two, but sometimes goes with two parties of two. With this minimalist approach, she has attempted the North Ridge of 23,400-foot Latok I in 1993 and the West Face of 22,800-foot Latok III in 1998. Along with Julie Brugger, Andy DeKlerk, and Colin Grissom, she made it approximately one-third of the way up Latok. On Latok III Calhoun, her now husband Jay Smith, Steve Quinlan, and Ken Sauls attempted a highly technical new big-wall route. They were forced to abandon their attempt at over 19,000 feet after running out of food. Russian Big Walls Project also attempted Latok III in 2000 but fail to make summit.


Trek to Patundass Itinerary

Day 1

 Arrive Islamabad, Welcome reception

Day 2

Drive to Chilas

Day 3

Drive to Skardu

Day 4

One day stay in Skardu exploration

Day 5

Drive to Askole valley

Day 6

Trek to Namla

Day 7 Trek to Mango
Day 8 Latok base camp
Day 9-21 Climbing Activities at latok
Day 22 From Mango trek back to Namla
Day 23  Namla to Askole
Day 24 Askole to Skardu
Day 25 Drive to Chilas
Day 26 Drive back to Islamabad.

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