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Jeep Safari Tours to explore Skardu Baltistan

treks Description

Baltistan lies between Ladakh (to the east) and Hunza River (to the west) with Karakorum Range of defining the northern boundary and Astore River the south western. Skardu, the capital of Baltistan is located at the revelation of 7500feet above the sea level in the backdrop of mighty peaks of Karakorum Mountain. It is in the heart of dangerous frontier land, centre of commerce, transportation and gateway one of the world most spectacular landscape. It is 241 km east of Gilgit and 783 kms from Islamabad. The journey to Skardu by road along the narrow gorge of the Indus River is unforgettable.

Skardu is amidst an impressive landscape and one is immediately struck by the juxtaposition of sand duns and snowcapped peaks. It is here Indus River is formed by the Shigar and Shoyk River, flowing down from the Baltoro- Muztagh, a segment of the Karakorum backbone containing the densest mass of glacier and High Mountain on earth. Skardu has historic Fort at the apex of the ridge knows as the Mindoq- Khan or castle of Queen Mindoq and there are two beautiful lakes, Kachura lake and Sadpara lake. On Sadpara road Buddhist carving is located which probably backed the tome of great Empire, when the Buddhists migrated from Gondhara through this area.
The picturesque Skardu Valley richly endowed with an astounding landscape of lofty mountains, deep gorges, serene lakes and huge glacier valleys have remarkably retained its vast and varied treasures of beauty. Skardu is the getaway to the highest mountains and entire region is known as a mountaineering and trekker’s paradise.


Jeep Safari Tours Jeep Safari to Skardu Baltistan Skardu Jeep Safari Tours

treks Itinerary

Day 01 Arrival to Islamabad, sightseeing
Day 02 Fly to Skardu or drive to Chilas on Karakorum Highway
Day 03 Sightseeing of the town or continue to Skardu from Chilas
Day 04 Drive to Shigar Valley, overnight in Shigar Fort
Day 05 Drive to Khaplu Valley and overnight in the Fort
Day 06 Drive to Skardu
Day 07 Fly to Islamabad or drive to Chilas
Day 08 Islamabad or drive to Islamabad from Chilas
Day 09 Departure from Islamabad

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