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Pakistan homes to some of worlds ancient civilizations, which got settled along the Indus River some 4500 years back. Indus Valley Civilization, which was considered to be the most modern and developed. In the words of Sir Mortimer Wheeler, famed British Archaeologist, Pakistan enjoys a high international position in the history of past achievements by virtue of possessing the greatest vestiges of one of the first three mature civilizations of the world. HATP’s comfortable yet adventurous journey of 15 days is a fascinating combination of historical sights along with Museums, Forts which gives an unforgettable experience of how this ancient civilization maintained their daily life. 

Explore Indus Civilization Explore Indus Civilization Explore Indus Civilization

treks Itinerary

Day 01 Arrive Lahore
Day 02 Lahore
Day 03 Lahore-Multan
Day 04 Multan– Bahawalpur 
Day 05 Bahalwalpur-Derawar Fort – Bahawalpur 
Day 06 Bahalwalpur-Uch-Mithan Kot
Day 07 Mithan Kot-Sukkar
Day 08 Sukkar-Moenjodaro-Sukkar
Day 09 Sukkar-Manchar Lake– Hyderabad
Day 10 Hyderabad-Keenjer Lake – Karachi
Day 11 Exploration
Day 12 Fly or Drive Karachi-Gwadar
Day 13 Gwadar-Jiwini-Gwadar
Day 14 Gwadar – Karachi Flight
Day 15 Departure

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