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Deosai Plain Mountain Biking

treks Description

Bicycling on the winding roads of the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush valleys would heighten your experience as you will have an occasion of a tidies uphill paddling and then abruptly ride downhill, passing through alpine forests, open valleys, along the rivers and lakes and lush meadows. Meet friendly people on the way as you may be offered with a local taste of tea and perhaps food. We can arrange your bicycle tour with a van to follow you so that you may at any time climb aboard the vehicle in case you are tired or the weather disallow you to continue bicycling. 

This trek is for real mountain bike freaks, physically well prepared people! Experience in mountain biking is a must. 


treks Itinerary

Day 01 Arrive Islamabad and sightseeing.
Day 02 Drive to Chilas
Day 03 Karakuram Hightway by jeep to Jaglot
Day 04 Dayon – Astore
Day 05 Astore – Tarishing
Day 06 Astore – Tarishing
Day 07 Nang Parbat BC – Tarishing
Day 08 Bike to Chilim
Day 09 Chilim – Chackor Pass – Shaucer Lake
Day 10 Rest day
Day 11 Shaucer Lake Barapani
Day 12 Barapani – Desoai Top
Day 13 Barapani – Deosai Top
Day 14 Satpara – Skardu
Day 15 Skardu to Khaplu
Day 16 Khaplu to Skardu
Day 17 KKH via Chilas
Day 18 Destination Flight.
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