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Expeditions /Broad Peak Baltistan Pakistan

treks Description

Elevation: 8,047 Meters
Mountain Range: Karakoram
First Ascent: 1957 by Hermann Buhl / Fritz Wintersteller
Zone: Permitted
Duration: 47 Days
Best Time: May - August

BROAD PEAK 8047 meters is one of four 8000 meter peaks located in a tight cluster in the upper reaches of the Baltoro Glacier, the principal access to that part of the Karakoram. It has the distinction of being in the same valley as the famous K2. Though its majesty may suffer in comparison to its big sister, Broad Peak is spectacular in its own right. This is mainly due to its unusual triple summit (which accounts for it’s name).

Base camp for Broad Peak is a short 2 hours walk from Concordia, nature’s version of a highway interchange where several glaciers merge into the Baltoro. Broad’s base camp is only a couple hours from K2 Base Camp, which might be visited in anticipation of future trips.

Expeditions to the Karakoram invariably start from Islamabad (capital of Pakistan) and its twin city of Rawalpindi (Pindi to its friends). Once the formalities with the government have been completed, you will continue on to Skardu, located in the district of Baltistan. This trip is made by one of two methods. Often preferred is the air route (when the weather permits), not only because the flight is only an hour, but also because you fly past Nanga Parbat on the way. Alternately, you may take a bus along the Indus River, first following the Karakoram Highway, then branching through the spectacular Indus River gorge as you approach Skardu. The latter route is long, but recommended at least once during multiple visits to the region.

From Skardu, you will jeep to Askoli, the last village on the trek. A couple long days bring you to Paiju and the tongue of the Baltoro. Here you will take a rest day as the porters prepare their food for the glacier. Your next stop is Urdukas, a grassy knoll located immediately opposite the Trango Towers and Uli Biaho. Your porters will likely be willing to push the next day to Concordia, which has spectacular views not only of K2 & Broad, but also Gasherbrum IV. They will do this because they will have time the next day to reach BC and return.

Broad Peak has the reputation of being one of the easier 8000 meter peaks. Though the route is not technically challenging, it is not a mountain to be taken lightly since the route crosses prominent avalanche terrain. Base Camp is at 5000 meters. Sub-camps are typically placed at around 5800, 6250 & 6900 meters. Some expeditions attempt the summit from C3 -- others place an additional camp at 7400 meters. From the summit, you will see the entire Karakoram, including the Gasherbrums (I-VII), Masherbrum, Mustagh Tower and Chogolisa.

Depending on the weather, Broad Peak can be completed in as little as six weeks (Pindi-Pindi) or as long as nine weeks. The return trip is often over the 6000 meter Gondogoro La and the beautifully green Hushe Valley from which you return to Skardu.  


treks Itinerary

Day 01 Arrival at Islamabad.
Day 02 Free in Islambad and briefing at Ministry of Tourism.
Day 03 Fly to Skardu or drive to Chilas If it’s raining.
Day 04 Free day in Skardu or drive from Chilas to Skardu.
Day 05 Drive to Askole.
Day 06 Trek to Jhula.
Day 07 Trek to Paiju.
Day 08 Trek to Urdukus.
Day 09 Trek to Goro ii
Day 10 Trek to Braud Peak base camp
Day 11 Climbing activities for 43 days
Day 44 Trek back to Goro ii
Day 45 Trek back to Paiju
Day 46 Trek back to Jhula
Day 47 Trek back to Askole
Day 48 Drive to Skardu
Day 49 Fly back to Islamabad or drive to Chilas de briefing at Ministry of Toursim Islamabad.
Day 50 Departure from Islamabad.

Services Includes:

  • Making arrangement of import/ export permit from the ministry of tourism.
  • Assistance in obtaining climbing permit from the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Custom clearance of cargo before arrival of the team, and storage facility.
  • Hotel accommodation at Islamabad and Chilas.
  • Briefing/ Debriefing at Ministry of Tourism.
  • All meals during trek and at B.C as per program.
  • All road transport and all transfers as mentioned in the program.
  • Porterage of 75 per team member of expedition, equipment and high altitude food to B.C and 50 kg per team member on return from BC.
  • Camping ground fees, sleeping tents, mattresses, kitchen tent, mess and toilet tent, field stools.
  • Crockery, cooking pan, cutlery, fuel and other related kitchen equipments.
  • Daily wages and basic kit of guide, sardar, cook and assistants.
  • Field staff and low altitude porter's insurance.
  • Porterage at hotels, airports, toll taxes and all other taxes.
  • Reconfirmation of air tickets, mail handling/ forwarding to BC.
  • Hiring of high altitude porters, mail runner or any other crew as per requirements (wages and kit to be provided by the team).

Services Excludes:

  • International air tickets, airport taxes, excess baggage charges.
  • High altitude porters/ any crew above BC.
  • Sleeping bags, tents, mattresses, high altitude food and oxygen beyond base camp.
  • Ground evacuations, helicopter rescue charges and medications.
  • Climbing permit fee or any other fee to be paid to the authorities of Pakistan.
  • Insurance liability of team members and others under force majeure situations.
  • Clearing agent charges for the clearance of team equipments.
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